Monday, September 28, 2015

Zell, a rising fashion model in Shanghai, was at a photo-shoot and then...

Zell, a rising fashion model in Shanghai, was just posing with a butterfly at the tip of her finger during a magazine shoot when she gets a text from her good friend, fashion model ISO based in NYC, letting her know that world-renowned fashion model Razz, has landed in Shanghai. This isn't a model soirĂ©e--it's a story about revenge, friendship, love and loyalty. The story goes from NYC to Shanghai...and...more cities to come! Model Life Takes Shanghai follows Model Life Takes Fashion Week, learn more about Zell, Razz and ISO on the ComicsPlus app for Apple and Android or for the Kindle and Kindle app (on Amazon here). On sale now! The series continues!! Check out the work of the series illustrator Jazmin Ruotolo​

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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Graphic Novel World could use more Fashion and Models

In Model Life Takes Shanghai, I love Zell's slouchy, confident, sexy style, she's effortlessly stylish. A little shoulder action but she does it in a way that is so chill, carefree, whatever

Razz is louder, her coats are faux fur lined, the backs of her dresses tip low, she wants to be seen, treasure the days of youth, she is feeling kind of old among the younger rising models who want her fame.

Find the on-going digital graphic novel series Model Life on the ComicsPlus app and Amazon


Monday, September 14, 2015

Model Life Takes Shanghai promo, win a print and free download

One more week to give Zell's owl a name! What should his or her name be? Email me at with Owl in the subject and your name suggestion. Win a signed print of the cover of Model Life Takes Shanghai and a free download of any episode from the Model Life series. Or leave your name suggestion in comments here. Submit until Sept 20th!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Model Life Takes Shanghai, have you ever posed with a model you didn't like?

At photo-shoots you don't always love being next to the model you are posing with so you gotta fake it for the shot, like Zell does with Razz in Model Life Takes Shanghai.

(The Model Life series, Model Life Takes Fashion Week episode 1 and Model Life Takes Shanghai episode 2 are available on the Kindle and the ComicsPlus app)


Model Life Takes Fashion Week ends with that red pen

Model Life Takes Fashion Week, episode 1 of the Model Life digital series, has drama off the catwalk and a runway fall too. See that red pen ISO is holding on the last page of Model Life Takes Fashion Week? It shows up in episode 2, Model Life Takes Shanghai when she texts ISO about their "plan" with the pen juice.


The Model Life series is a perfect pocket accessory during Fashion Week, whether you are giraffe tall or watching the shows streaming Live.
Available for the Kindle and on the ComicsPlus app

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Model Life Takes Shanghai, give Zell's owl a name

Fashion Model Zell has a pet owl in Model Life Takes Shanghai...and it needs a name. Leave your name idea here in comments or email me at  Or reach out through a message on Facebook.

If your name gets chosen it will be revealed in the next episode. (I will let you know ahead of time if your name idea was chosen and you win a signed print of Model Life Takes Shanghai cover + free download of episode and the episode Model Life Takes Fashion Week)...the poor owl might get named "Zingy" so please help him,or maybe it's a her, out!

Model Life Takes Shanghai is available on the ComicsPlus app and on the Kindle, (and Kindle app) more coming soon!