Monday, January 6, 2014

You're too short to get support

So the Model Alliance has been getting great buzz and I like what they are after, but their service doesn't help the shorter models out there or the print models of any size. Maybe in the future? A model is not just a tall giraffe fashion model, in fact the biggest area of the modeling industry is PRINT! Not FASHION. FASHION makes up a very small percent of the models we see daily in print ads. From babies to grandma models, the support the Model Alliance should offer should be for all. Not just with a narrow eye for the tall-chicks-only. Why ONLY fashion models can join? Why not commercial print models working w print agency in NYC too? @ModelAllianceNY This article in The New York Times caught my eye on The Model Alliances Services, but it made me roll my eyes when I went to the website and had to be a fashion model with a fashion agency to join? I like their efforts for trying for the tall chicks, cool, that's nice...but that isn't the WHOLE spectrum of the industry and I hope to see their doors open for working models of all types in the near future. IJ

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