Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Modeling being more than a pretty face

It's extremely important to be more than a pretty face even in this world obsessed with beauty, youth and perfection. Sure, models get told what to do a lot, you're sort of a rag doll in this industry, it's all about the client and the look for the campaign, editorial, project, but I think being easy to work with is key, communicating well with the photographer, going with the flow—and that's all a personality thing. I've been at shoots where the atmosphere was stressed and I could tell my presence and upbeat persona was what kept the energy at the shoot going. A model's job isn't just to hold a pose while wearing beautiful clothes and flaunting gorgeous makeup, it's to use her own creative energy, perceptive mind and skills of expression to help create the story around the product. Without personality you have a pretty model without life in her eyes, which isn't really pretty at all.

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Download the app and search for Gamine Press and find the series.
The Comics Plus app
The series involves how beauty can be deceiving and how unglamorous the modeling world can actually be, while revealing a moment-in-time with models, fashion editors, modeling agents, and photographers from around the globe and each of their missions to survive in the industry or get rid of the evil.
It's sort of Kill Bill Meets the Modeling World.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Digital graphic novel series launch! Model Life Takes Fashion Week!

It's Here! Download the Comic Plus app and checkout the new graphic novel Model Life Takes Fashion Week. A great pocket fashion accessory! 

Available for Android and iOS:

After downloading the app search Gamine Press under Publishers to find the series and check out the other awesome graphic novels too.

And be sure to friend and follow the work the fab illustrator: Jazmin 'Jaz Kitty' Ruotolo

With a Kill Bill meets the Fashion World vibe, the Model Life on-going series shares a moment in time with fashion’s elite all around the globe and reveals the glamour and darkness that occurs when perfection and beauty encounter revenge, tragedy and betrayal. Fashion illustration meets the graphic novel world with Jazmin Ruotolo’s expressive and dramatic style and author-model Isobella Jade brings years of experience in the modeling industry to the page with some added chaos and weapons.



It's New York Fashion Week and fashion model ISO's debut. She has risen from the ditches and darkness of the industry to become the "little Heron." It's her model moment, despite her recent involvement in the mega court case against a malicious magazine editor.
All promises to be glamorous until her tragic runway fall that tumbles into a streak of painful surprises. ISO walks the catwalk by day and by night goes undercover in disguise, led by the cries of the model newbies who ISO feels obligated to protect. Just when she’s found that feeling of empowerment again, pain strikes and she’s on a mission to find out who killed her best friend.
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Monday, November 11, 2013



Download the Comics Plus app and search under Gamine Press for the series Model Life! Check out Comics Plus's awesome other graphic novels too! Will be sharing my favorites soon.

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