Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Inspirational book for young adults and teens that caught my eye

Jeez, there are plenty of distractions out there these days and so much information streaming into our brains, too much information, your mind can get cluttered, then there's Pinning and Liking and Tweeting, where's the time to think about our inner-selves, where's the time to do something for another...time is so precious and the way we use it is so important. And it's easy to put energy into things that really have nothing to do with who we are as human beings and who we are in the inside, and suddenly we've put in the back burner the importance of self-love, compassion and self-confidence.

A book recently came to mind that can help get the mindset back to YOU, what's really important, and believing in yourself, it's called Pink Power: We Girls Can Do Anything! by Jamie Lober.

On my bookshelf I have many biographies and memoirs and inspirational books, because I like to read something empowering, something that makes me think, and keeps me excited about my own projects, goals and life. You can check out Pink Power: We Girls Can Do Anything here.

Jamie Lober, President of Talk Health with Jamie, is a nationally known speaker and writer with a passion for providing information on health topics A-Z.  You may know her as she appears regularly in NY Parenting Magazine.  What you may not know is that she is the author of bestselling Pink Power: We Girls Can Do Anything!, a book about self-discovery, self-improvement and self-empowerment.  “I have addressed issues that plague girls of all ages: being comfortable with yourself, finding peers who raise you up, not caring what others think of you, earning the respect of others, becoming tolerant, getting things done without feeling discouraged, standing up for your rights, making healthy choices, taking chances and making yourself number one,” said Lober.  Lober insists that it is not until they overcome those struggles that girls can do anything.  She wrote what she calls the Girls’ Bill of Rights.  “Each of the ten rights has a corresponding chapter filled with wisdom, emotion and personal experiences,” said Lober.  Sons and daughters of all ages are sure to fall head over heels for this entertaining, powerful book that can change lives. 


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Jessica said...

Hey Isobella, I'm Jessica, Just wanted to say, Thank you for all your advice. You truly are an inspiration, I've had your website on my favorite list for the past few years, I would visit it from time to time, reading your posts, and your tips on petite modeling, I am 25 years old living in a tiny 5'1 body, and have always dreamed of modeling, but never believed I could. For the 1st time of my life, I've decided, I can't be owned by my fear anymore, Its time to pursue what I truly want in my life. I live in New York and there is so much oppertunity, I just have to embrace it and most importantly believe in myself, just like you did. I know it wont be easy, but I know I have that "pink power" within. Thanks again for your lovely encouraging advice, I will always be a fan of yours! Congrats on all your success and your beautiful baby boy. He is precious! Lots of love -Jess:)