Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My hands hand modeling in Littlest Pet Shop Commercial

So I hunted down and found my Littlest Pet Shop Commercial hand modeling job, ( yup, as a model you've got to hunt for your work) I found it on the director's website and also on Youtube.
That's my hand and fingers bringing down the red carpet Penny the Panda and the yellow cat who holds a ribbon, and then holding Panda as she jumps, and also I pressed down the head of the hippo as the skirt moves and pressing the head of the chameleon as he licks an ice-cream cone. It was a day and half shoot. And it's amazing how it all adds up to less than 30 seconds but it looks great! I booked this job because they were looking for "small kind-like" hands, so remember you might not be giraffe tall but put your small to use!
Strive on! Height isn't everything so aim high! 

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