Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! Phoenix has brought such happiness to my life and makes me feel beautiful in a new special way found in motherhood :) cheers to all the mamas out there and babies everywhere!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My hands hand modeling in Littlest Pet Shop Commercial

So I hunted down and found my Littlest Pet Shop Commercial hand modeling job, ( yup, as a model you've got to hunt for your work) I found it on the director's website and also on Youtube.
That's my hand and fingers bringing down the red carpet Penny the Panda and the yellow cat who holds a ribbon, and then holding Panda as she jumps, and also I pressed down the head of the hippo as the skirt moves and pressing the head of the chameleon as he licks an ice-cream cone. It was a day and half shoot. And it's amazing how it all adds up to less than 30 seconds but it looks great! I booked this job because they were looking for "small kind-like" hands, so remember you might not be giraffe tall but put your small to use!
Strive on! Height isn't everything so aim high! 

Holiday Book Promo for Careful, Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff!

Choose a book any book! I'm hosting a big holiday book promo for my USA reads for my books Careful, Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff, starts now and ends 1/3/13
$15.00 for a personalized/signed copy includes shipping in USA
(Please sure sure to send me an email through my website letting me know who to sign the book for.)
I'll be traveling over the holiday and orders made before the 14th willl most likely arrive before Christmas, those afterward will arrive right after the New Year starts.
The first 10 orders recieve a free writing journal, daily I use a journal to craft my writing projects and goals and it's an important creative tool for my work and I hope you enjoy it!
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Happy Holidays!