Friday, October 12, 2012

Shorter models being a stand-in for films or commercials and print

A stand-in has the same height, ethnicity (skin type), hair type and the same measurements as the lead actress or main model used for a TV show, film, commercial or even for print photo-shoots. The stand-in is used before the photo-shoot begins, when everything is being set up and prepared, and she actually does 'stand-in' place of the actress or model on set in the same position or way the actress or main model will stand for the shot/s. On set the 'stand-in' could also have her hair done and makeup done in a similar way the actress or main model will have it for the shot, or be wearing the same clothing the actress or main model will be wearing for the shots to make sure the colors look right on film/in the photo. The stand-in is used to test the lighting for the shot/s and it's an important job that helps to make sure that when the actress or main model used for the shot is ready, all she has to do is walk on set and the lighting and set up is finalized and perfect. Many stand-ins work for long periods of time as a consistent gig, for a TV show season or a whole film shoot or photo-shoot. For shorter models being booked as a stand-in can be a great way to build experience if the model also has interests in working within film or TV. Most actresses are shorter in height which means shorter models would be perfect for the job!

Here is more on body doubling for actresses and other models.


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