Friday, October 12, 2012

Shorter models as a body double or parts model double

Recently I was quoted on Fox New Entertainment 411 about body doubles, and I shared how parts models work as a body double and use their hands, legs, all 'parts' to make beautiful the actresses or model's flaws for the print ad campaign, film or commercial look better.  Tall giraffe models might have the height and that celebrity might be stunning but that doesn't mean they have great looking legs or hands or backside for that bikini shot.  A shorter model could find herself body doubling for an actress, celebrity or a taller model hired for the campaign by pursuing parts modeling, and submitting the right photos that show their assets to a modeling agency that works with parts models. Talent agencies that book work for TV and Films and Commercials would be good to send a parts comp card to as well. Many TV shows need stand-ins and body doubles and body doubling doesn't just mean its for a nude shot or sex scene, a shot could involve the actress putting on some glamourous shoes but she might not have great looking toes or feet. So a body double would be used. Here is the article called "Who knew even Supermodels use Body Doubles," and learn more about parts modeling here and my tips.


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