Saturday, October 20, 2012

Model Dictionary: Photo Pull

A photo pull is when a casting suggests that the model submissions be sent electronically and the models chosen to be booked for the job will be decided based on the photos alone. There is not a casting or go-see.

The agency will submit to the client the model's photos they already have on file or ask and collect from the models the photos they need for the submission. It is typical for the submitted photo/s for a photo pull to be a candid shot and not a professional photo from the models portfolio, it would be a photo with a more candid and natural shot she has taken with her own digital camera or phone. A photo that shows her today, natural and without a lot of makeup because clients like to see the models these days often "as is."  It depends on what the casting is for or client is asking for, other times a photo pull could be a scanned jpg of your comp card. The point is: the casting is based on photos alone.

I suggest all aspiring models to have available candid digital photos of themselves, pretty shots that have a humanistic feel, no heavy makeup or styling, just a photo of you smiling, being yourself.

Also I suggest all aspiring models to have available jpegs, low resolution, 72 DPI, of your portfolio images, ready to email and have handy. You still need your comp card and portfolio but it's a good idea to have your best modeling images also as a low resolution jpeg. Your agency will most likely want you to send them these images for the website or to keep on file to submit to clients.


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