Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween pics from the Pumpkin Fest in Central Park

Halloween delight! Here we are by the Sailboat pool and Bethesda Fountain in Central Park today. Loving the fall foliage, it's too bad hurricane Sandy might blow all the leaves away. This was Phoenix's first time in the park, he sort of slept through it but we all had a nice afternoon representing Disney characters.

 Belle, Captain Hook and Micky Mouse made a scene in Central Park today, was bummed not as many parents dressed up, wth, we got some fans though and should have charged $10 a photo. :)

Captain Hook feeding baby Micky Mouse

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Model Dictionary: Photo Pull

A photo pull is when a casting suggests that the model submissions be sent electronically and the models chosen to be booked for the job will be decided based on the photos alone. There is not a casting or go-see.

The agency will submit to the client the model's photos they already have on file or ask and collect from the models the photos they need for the submission. It is typical for the submitted photo/s for a photo pull to be a candid shot and not a professional photo from the models portfolio, it would be a photo with a more candid and natural shot she has taken with her own digital camera or phone. A photo that shows her today, natural and without a lot of makeup because clients like to see the models these days often "as is."  It depends on what the casting is for or client is asking for, other times a photo pull could be a scanned jpg of your comp card. The point is: the casting is based on photos alone.

I suggest all aspiring models to have available candid digital photos of themselves, pretty shots that have a humanistic feel, no heavy makeup or styling, just a photo of you smiling, being yourself.

Also I suggest all aspiring models to have available jpegs, low resolution, 72 DPI, of your portfolio images, ready to email and have handy. You still need your comp card and portfolio but it's a good idea to have your best modeling images also as a low resolution jpeg. Your agency will most likely want you to send them these images for the website or to keep on file to submit to clients.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Relationships: The foundation of love, values and respect

I was talking to my Mom about relationships the other day and how easy it is for people to give up these days. How sad that makes me. Communication is so important and knowing how to communicate in the right ways with your significant other can keep a relationship goes strong. The foundation of love, values and respect are what keep a relationship blossoming even through the rough patches. And simply noticing what you DO have and being mindful that life is short and to choose your battles wisely. Before untying the potential of a relationship remember that although it will take effort and work that doesn't mean it can't work, be careful when deciding what your breaking point is, and I put it like this, "you might get a bag of clothing that doesn't fit perfectly, but you can still work with the fabric and create something that does." ~IJ

Shorter models being a stand-in for films or commercials and print

A stand-in has the same height, ethnicity (skin type), hair type and the same measurements as the lead actress or main model used for a TV show, film, commercial or even for print photo-shoots. The stand-in is used before the photo-shoot begins, when everything is being set up and prepared, and she actually does 'stand-in' place of the actress or model on set in the same position or way the actress or main model will stand for the shot/s. On set the 'stand-in' could also have her hair done and makeup done in a similar way the actress or main model will have it for the shot, or be wearing the same clothing the actress or main model will be wearing for the shots to make sure the colors look right on film/in the photo. The stand-in is used to test the lighting for the shot/s and it's an important job that helps to make sure that when the actress or main model used for the shot is ready, all she has to do is walk on set and the lighting and set up is finalized and perfect. Many stand-ins work for long periods of time as a consistent gig, for a TV show season or a whole film shoot or photo-shoot. For shorter models being booked as a stand-in can be a great way to build experience if the model also has interests in working within film or TV. Most actresses are shorter in height which means shorter models would be perfect for the job!

Here is more on body doubling for actresses and other models.


Shorter models as a body double or parts model double

Recently I was quoted on Fox New Entertainment 411 about body doubles, and I shared how parts models work as a body double and use their hands, legs, all 'parts' to make beautiful the actresses or model's flaws for the print ad campaign, film or commercial look better.  Tall giraffe models might have the height and that celebrity might be stunning but that doesn't mean they have great looking legs or hands or backside for that bikini shot.  A shorter model could find herself body doubling for an actress, celebrity or a taller model hired for the campaign by pursuing parts modeling, and submitting the right photos that show their assets to a modeling agency that works with parts models. Talent agencies that book work for TV and Films and Commercials would be good to send a parts comp card to as well. Many TV shows need stand-ins and body doubles and body doubling doesn't just mean its for a nude shot or sex scene, a shot could involve the actress putting on some glamourous shoes but she might not have great looking toes or feet. So a body double would be used. Here is the article called "Who knew even Supermodels use Body Doubles," and learn more about parts modeling here and my tips.


More articles and tips for aspiring models:


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Favorite Little Thing: LUSH Cosmetics Halloween Collection

Here I am rocking my Joe Fresh orange skirt and Favorite Burberry denim coat at the LUSH store yesterday. So love the Halloween collection at LUSH, I was told today at LUSH in Herald Square that the collection will be there on the 13th and I'm sure it will sell out fast!

Jacko (spicy soak) is so very cute!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Favorite Little Thing: Wacoal B-Smooth seamless bralette

While recovering from having my beautiful baby boy, I'm experiencing that comfort is so important, especially after feeding the baby, not feeling restrained by my bra but still having support, for me these Wacoal B-Smooth seamless bralettes are the perfect thing. I have three of them. I'm wearing them now in these early weeks with the baby instead of typical nursing bras.

Aspiring and working models would also find them a great fit for body-related photos for their portfolios ( for a body shot that would be classy and show your curves) and as a comfortable option to wear every day on-the-go to model castings and go-sees.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

My baby boy Phoenix Curtis was born September 27th!

Hey! Guess what! I've shared posts and photos during my pregnancy and I'm happy to now share that my baby boy, Phoenix Curtis, was born September 27th 2012, at 1:24 a.m, at 7lbs 9oz!
I'd like you to meet him, here are some photos from his entrance into the world and our first week together. I loved being pregnant, and I'm so happy and ready to be a mom, and so in love with my son. 


We got home from the hospital on Sunday, September 30th, in the afternoon and I'm happy Phoenix has settled in beautifully. Here he is in the crib for the first time.


This is a photo from Phoenix's first stroller ride to his pediatric appt, of course it rained! But it was good practice for crazy NY weather. We know the stroller can manage big puddles now!

 More pics and adventures with Phoenix soon!


P.s: In the hospital the nurses were saying how Phoenix is a rock star name. So you might wonder: Why the name Phoenix? I love the symbolism and also it's the name of the town my Dad lived in before he passed away. BTW, in my new YA novel Careful, the boy Estella has a crush on is also named Phoenix.