Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When I think of 9/11

When I think of 9/11 and this National Day of Service & Remembrance I think of the families and wives’, husbands’, the children who weren’t prepared for the last time they saw or spoke to the family member they lost to be the last time. They didn’t get that goodbye. I can now relate to that feeling since losing my Dad in 2011 suddenly and without warning, it’s brutal and heartbreaking to not get to say everything you wanted to say, to wake up with the news your loved one is gone, wonder if they were in pain when it happened, trying to make sense of it all, it makes you feel hollow and dry to the bone to try to let it be and let go and make peace with the loss. I’ll grieve forever my Dad and I’m sure the families of those lost on 9/11 will always grieve, but grieving also means remembering and celebrating the lives of those who we love and lost. I believe the soul lives on and that the love we carry inside does too. I lived on Wall Street for 2.5 years, and then in Battery Park for another 2 years with Ground Zero as my backyard basically, daily I heard the sounds of the hearts of men and women rebuilding and creating a new hope out of resilience to carry on from the horrific experience for our nation. And when I go visit lower Manhattan now I have to smile at the progress and how much I enjoyed living down there. Right down the street my husband bought my engagement ring at Greenwich Jewelers and I love walking through the historic streets of lower Manhattan and getting a bite to eat on Stone street. The reflecting pools where the twin towers soared will forever be a sacred place to remind us all to take care of our loved ones and each other because tomorrow is uncertain. Don’t leave words unsaid, spread your compassion around and do your dream now. Later today I’ll light a candle with this in mind at St. Patrick's Cathedral, if you do get Downtown today or in the near future also take a moment and stop by the Trinity Church, at Broadway and Wall St, it’s so beautiful and historic, once I did a tour of the church and rang the bells. -IJ

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Did you know anyone that was killed in the towers on that day?