Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not a fashion model during fashion week? Don't worry about it!

Barneys, during Fashion's Night Out
Hey Girls,

Don't worry if you are not a fashion model walking in a runway show during Fashion Week. Honestly, you're prob better off off the runway. Because the world of the stick thin girls gracing down the runway isn't a pretty picture. I really don't feel like I've missed out because I'm not fashion model height. In fact it sounds a boring to be a fashion model actually, getting tugged, jerked around while in a fitting, judged about your measurements, feeling alone, the pressure, and just being another walking hanger in the end.  I don't think I've missed much not being a puppet or a slave to the runway.

When I think of the high fashion world I picture a stuffy attic, a very old school vibe, a place where innovation is the goal of the environment, but the same old lives on with the same sample sizes, the same analyzing of the model's size and freaking out about the art of perfection.

Perfection is annoying. And all things perfect get dull over time. I guess I think about the reality of things too much to really get totally excited about the fantasy that the runway projects. And my reality is: thanks for the cracker and encouraging the detox backstage but I want to dive into full craft service if possible, I need a big bowl of pasta to strut my stuff, I'm hungry! I need energy food fuel to get the job done!!

Being 5'9" and 100 lbs can't be easy on the models, so if you are not giraffe tall think of it this way: You can still work as a print model and be yourself natural and a healthy size and not worry about gaining or losing a pound. In print modeling it's more about personality, your healthy glow and upbeat persona than how much you weigh today or if you do or don't fit into the sample size.

You can work until your 91 or older. Fashion models have a short lifespan on the runway.  By 23 it's like...ummm is my career over? But in print modeling you can work forever. You can work for a few years, and then if you take time off you can always work again later, it's a business that doesn't have an age requriement or a time limited.

You matter as a person and human you're not accepted in the fashion world because of your height, don't worry you can find lots of other jobs still where you're not just being hired for the sake of your measurements but for the great personality you have that fits the vibe of the product for the ad campaign or commercial. Doesn't it sound better anyways to be hired for your personality, great skin, persona? Height...that's it? I know you have more to offer than your height!

You can still model fashion items, like accessories. Maybe you can't prance in Chanel down the runway but you can still rock accessories. Who says you've gotta be 5'9" to model a watch, shoes, jewelry, hats, handbags, gloves, etc. Shorter models should pursue modeling accessories and non-high fashion lifestyle goods. (5 modeling jobs short chicks can do)  Get the right photos that show your potential, create a comp card and market your assets to print modeling agencies.

Don't cry if you'll never be on a Vogue cover. Yes, some magazines are becoming more accepting of all sizes or expanding their minds about using models with some curves, but it's still not common for a shorter model to be used in a high fashion editorial. But maybe one this will change and more models of all sizes, ethnicities and types will be welcomed and more present on the fashion magazine's glossy page. Although high fashion magazines aren't everything, remember many lifestyle magazines have use models of all types or use 'parts models'.  Print modeling agencies work with lifestyle magazines and lifestyle products so if you want these opportunities it's best to work on your photos, make sure they are print modeling friendly, be prepared with your model-marketing materials and keep marketing yourself in ways that will bring results realistically.

Although the buzz out there might be all about the fashion world, remember with a model marketing mindset that fashion is a small percent of the industry and the working models out there. We might not know the names of the many print models out there (although I wish they would speak up more) but print models are a huge part of the industry and reflect the advertising world and ads involving print models are EVERYWHERE! Babies, teens, young adults, mature models, they are here, there, everywhere, but we don't here much about who these models are....but they are working with great commercial print modeling agencies and they are making money and getting paid well.  Height isn't everything, it's something I say often, and also the runway isn't everything, but you have to notice your assets and get over your height to get opportunities.


So you can't rock Chanel on the runway, but check out one of my favorite books called, Chanel: A Woman of her Own, very inspiring.

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