Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Isobella Jade Quote: It doesn't just happen

"Of course we all have moments of feeling stuck, unenthusiastic or uninspired, but you've got to get out of it fast, find a way to get motivated. Usually fear works for me. I'm scared of the feeling of not doing something I knew I could've done, so it inspires me to keep going and not give up. Also I remind myself that I'm capable, that I can do it. I keep in mind daily that life is precious and ti me is everything and waiting on tomorrow doesn't make the dreams of today come true. When it comes to goals, "don't just happen" without work. You really have to encourage yourself, inspire yourself, keep your mind engaged and focused. If you have a goal and you know you should do it. Don't dwell, don't wait. Put time into it, even 30 minutes a day, don't let the ideas, the passion, the opportunity, the chance stand still. Get after it, show the day your worth!" - IJ

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