Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday thoughts: Getting older is exciting for me

The song Landslide sung by Stevie Nicks makes me think about getting older, accepting change and that we all grow up but maybe, then again, we shouldn't grow up too much, and it's a song I love to sing.
If I had darker circles under my eyes maybe I’d feel annoyed about being older but instead I feel really youthful and getting older is exciting for me. To remember where you come from and to know where you are and the journey that got you there. I’m glad I’m an 80’s child and that I remember life before iPhones. I remember when imagination didn't cost so much and we just needed our brains to have fun. I like that I can remember the difference...that while being in-tune with our Internet and Digital worlds I can still remember when we didn't have cell phones and huge HD TV's, and it wasn't boring, infact we still had a great time.
I’ve had a very memorable 20’s and I look back and think about the ways I’ve grown and changed but also the ways I’ve stayed the same...and how some parts of us never change. I liked looking at the moon then and I do now, but now I look at it a little longer. A short view of some highlights: In my early 20’s l graduated from NYIT with a BA in Advertising and continued to build my modeling career from scratch and inspire other pint-size models not to give up, I wrote and published 4 books, along the way I launched a podcast radio show, my popular modeling blog and online platform and my own small publishing company. I traveled to 7 countries. I learned how to hustle and taught myself how to be my best marketer. I learned that starting without much doesn’t mean you can’t go far with belief and ambition, something I’ll always carry with me. I’ve gotten closer to my true self and the importance of liking yourself, the person you are, making peace with yourself, overcoming your mistakes and believe that positivity is the fuel for creativity and dreaming and chasing those dreams and goals. I married my best friend, I lost my Dad, and now I’m about to be a mom.

The place we originally wanted to go for sundaes was closed cause holiday so we had chocolate and peanut butter cake and vanilla ice cream instead, still, what a lucky baby :) — at Smith & Wollensky's Grill.  ~IJ

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B said...

this post is so beautiful :'(

and WHAT a co-incidence, I graduated from NYIT too.

congrats on your coming baby and family :)