Thursday, September 13, 2012

Don't cross the road while texting: Inspired by yesterday I saw a skateboarding teenager almost get hit by a car

Yesterday on 42nd street and Third Avenue I saw a skateboarding teenager almost get hit by a car, Screeeech, Honk!!! Startled with the front of the car so close to him, his skateboard got flung back behind him and another car ran the skateboard over. Then he collected himself and the skateboard and flicked off the car that ran over his skateboard. Poor kid was more concerned over the skateboard than his life. Please watch it when you are crossing the road, whether you are on a skateboard, bike, or just walking, and please don't text while crossing the road. Seriously, it's not safe.

He wasn't skateboarding and texting (now that would be REALLY stupid!) but please watch it when you are out and about and texting while walking, it's dangerous! People run into things when they text and walk and things run into them!

Do what I do: I pause my texting for the ten seconds it takes to cross the road and focus on the cars and traffic around me and take my life seriously. Don’t let your life hang on the line of “Why did the chicken or pregnant lady or You cross the road today,” we all have to keep our eyes open and be on the lookout to get to the other side safely in this digital world. ~IJ

Estella Montclair didn't have to die, please don't text and drive.

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