Friday, September 7, 2012

Boost of ads targeted to mature generation means mature models in demand.

Hey Girls,

Could the boost of ads targeted towards "the youngest members of the massive Baby Boom generation,"mean more 'mature' models' in demand for print ads and commercials...yup I think so!

Today this article caught my eye, it's about how advertisers are after an older target demographic, you might wonder how this affects models, it does! 

The advertising world totally affects the modeling world. When lifestyle brands and products are after a certain market/demographic/age group, it means models of that age/type are needed for the ad and commercial.

Print modeling agencies work with models of all ages and types and older models are more and more in demand, Betty White might have inspired this movement and era of the stylish and sassy Grandma.  Look around, notice in ads for those of retirement age, these are ads for not just home goods and hearing aids but also restorts and travel, health, fitness, beauty, technology.

If you think you're too old to model, think again!

Just today I saw a casting for AARP! :)

You do need the right photos to market yourself to print agencies no matter your age and here are other tips for mature models:

Here's a segment on my podcast radio show on Older Models being in Demand:


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