Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Win a signed book of Careful! New book contest! Lost and found

Hey Girls,

Here's the scoop for my new book contest to win a signed copy of Careful and a ladybug car charm.

In the book, Estella, the main character had a ladybug car charm that had a special meaning to her and it always hung from her rear view mirror, but after the texting while driving crash that killed her the ladybug car charm went missing. The ladybug charm does come up again in the book. It's a sentimental moment in the book when the ladybug car charm is found, I think you'll enjoy it.

Have you ever lost something meaningful that you thought was gone forever but then it was found? Send me a couple sentences or paragraphs about the experience to with Lost and Found in the subject.

"The silver ladybug charm that always hung from my rearview mirror, where it would spin round and round, was gone. My white gown and the strapless padded bra had gotten disheveled among my laptop, notebooks, and track bag." ~from the book Careful

The Lost and Found contest starts now!  Ends September 5, 2012. 


Careful is available now wherever books are sold and as an ebook too.
Listen to a podcast reading of Careful here
Watch the book trailer here
Visit the Careful, Quiet, Invisible series on Pinterest here

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