Thursday, August 9, 2012

New "Careful" book giveaway contest based on "signs and symbols"

Win a Marc Jacob's lipstick pen and a signed copy of "Careful" by sharing your memorable "sign or symbol"!

I'm holding a new "Careful" giveaway contest.  Here is the scoop:

Have you ever seen a sign or symbol of a loved one that was a little too close to be considered "just a coincidence."

I'm not talking ghosts, I'm talking signs and symbols, like when you're walking down the street and you just happen to see something that reminds you of someone you were just thinkinng about or a loved one you lost, something profound that seems to only connect with you.

While writing "Careful" my father passed away tragically and I did see a lot of signs of him and his memory, still do, and I think they do mean something. 

In "Careful," the main character Estella is a spirit, an energy, and throughout the book (and the Careful, Quiet, Invisible series) she"goes behind the scenes" of signs and symbols that she wants to share of her memory with her friends and family.  It was fun to write about the energy and movement, planning and crafting that could happen behind the scenes of a sign or symbol appearing in our lives from the perspective of the that energy making the sign appear.

In the book, Estella notices the name of a new lip-gloss brand involves her own name and tries to get one of her best friends, Jett, who is feeling doubtful about her goals to notice the lip-gloss as a symbol of Estella's belief in her.

Submit to win the Marc Jacob's lipstick pen and a signed copy of "Careful" by sending me a couple paragraphs about your own experience with signs and symbols. Email with the subject "signs and symbols."  I'll be choosing the most heart touching "this is not just a coincidence" sign as the winner.


DEADLINE August 16, 2012


Have you seen the book trailer for Careful?
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