Monday, August 20, 2012

Kendall Jenner needs to read my book and not text and drive!

Okay yes, it's also plug for my new book Careful and how a texting and driving crash causes the main character's death, but this upsets me and seriously this girl (tall giraffe) needs to make a statement about her unacceptable texting and d riving, it's not that she "may" need a lesson, she really needs one and should put out there an awareness campaign or statement based on her own careless mistake, it's so selfish to text and drive. I don't normally read up about "these sisters," but if you do and she does make an effort to speak up on this important social issue for all ages, let me know. Read more about Kendall's driving here. She also needs to stay out of the sun. As an aspiring model your great skin can be a great asset and help you book work. Mega-tan lines are typically not marketable in the modeling industry either. What is wrong with some people? So maybe "the driver" saw someone that just "looked like" Kendall, but if K-J really did put herself and others at risk by Texting & Driving, that's a disgrace.

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