Monday, August 27, 2012

how to start modeling has nothing to do with outer beauty

Rise and shine: Very often I get asked how to start modeling... My reply is usually nothing about height and measurements or outer's really about your mindset...understand where you fit into the industry, know your assets and what makes you marketable, have the right photos to best market those assets as be prepared for rejection and competition, and remember you're your own best marketer. :) learn as much as you can. Always aim high, be realistic and determined. ~IJ

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Ed Devereaux - Sabot Images said...

I find it interesting on who thinks they should model. There is more to being a model then being the prettiest girl/guy in town. Just because you are a big fish there and you have privileges in that world when a model starts in the modeling world they forget that this is a job and people who have jobs are considered reliable and bring something that is not already there.