Friday, August 3, 2012

Estella's track racing flats

Hey Girls,

There is another meaning to word flats. No, they aren't the ballet styled flats that Audrey Hepburn wore.

On the track they are called spikes, cleats and racing flats. At the Olympics, rain or shine, Dee Dee Trotter and Sanya Richards-Ross are charging ahead while wearing bright yellow racing flats! (Btw, I like the cute braid in Sanya Richard-Ross's hair, she had great form in the 400meter.)  #olympics

Check out:
Sanya Richards-Ross's website:  Follow her on Twitter @SanyaRichiRoss

Did you know that Dee Dee Trotter has done some modeling too with Wilhelmina New York under the "W Fitness Division:  follow on Twitter Dee Dee here: @DTrott400m

In my new YA novel Careful, the first book of the Careful, Quiet, Invisible series, the main character is a 400 meter track runner, well, she was one. The book series is about the spirit of a promising teen track runner, Estella, who dies in a texting-related car crash. The heartfelt series shines a bright light on texting and driving within a storyline as a timely read that circles around friendship, family, forgiveness, revenge, bullying, loss and love.  In Careful, Estella, now in a spirit form, shares her struggle with losing her track running future and often visits the track at her high school to vent and relive certain races in her new own way.

I was a 400 meter runner as well in high school and I wore a lot of Nike and Saucony.

Racing flats Estella might have worn on the track:
Above is the NIKE ZOOM VICTORY XC, I love bright colored shoes, these shoes seem right up Estella's alley.

Nike ZOOM VICTORY  Bright racing flats, with a clean and cool look that going to stand out on the track.
NIKE ZOOM MAMBA 2 These are sassy and fun.

And you thought your high heels were bad-ass. Check out those spikes! NIKE ZOOM CELAR 4
I even wore men's track shoes when I was in high school and I love the yellow color here, they are sort of similar to the hot yellow flats Sanya Richards-Ross and Dee Dee Trotter were wearing in the 400m.

NIKE LUNARSPIDER R3 /Men's Track and Field Shoe, so vibrant and like "watch out!"

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