Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Create your own charm necklace at my book signing this week!

While looking for charms for the "create your own charm necklace" element of my book signing on Thursday, I asked a girl in the charm store, she looked about 17, "What type of charms do you think are cool?" She told me hearts, skulls and a lock and key charm." CHECK got them! Along with a bunch of other awesome charms, I look forward to seeing you Thursday, I'll be eating a lot of yogurt at the signing: http://www.petitemodelingtips.com/2012/08/my-book-signing-at-16-handles-coming-up.html

At the book signing this week, Thursday, August 16th, at 16 Handles, guests can enjoy frozen yogurt, cupcakes and gift bags. And inspired by the cover of "Careful," guests can also create their own charm necklace.

Thursday, August 16th, 2012
6 pm - 8 pm
16 Handles
498 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Subway: 1,2,3, F, M, L to 14th Street.

In "Careful," Estella's charm necklace comes up throughout the book. The necklace wasn't buried in the ground with her body, her mother has held on to it. I think you'll enjoy the way the charm necklace is a way she can connect with her mother. You'll see. The book is sentimental, yes, but also dramatic and involves revenge and bullying and a lot of teen issues that you'll relate with but the core of love and compassion.

Do you have a piece of jewelry that you consider a treasure? Lucky, or meaningful to you?

I carry my Dad's ring in my wallet, I like that a part of him, something he wore is always with me, it's like a lucky charm to me and it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

I also have my grandmother's wedding ring which actually fits me, and powder compact she used, there's powder still in it, I try to be careful with it.

It's interesting to think about the items in our lives that we enjoy now could become momentos and symbolic, meaningful to others as well one day and tell the story of part of our lives and personality.

To making the memory count and keeping the memories alive,


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