Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I think all models should carry journals and other thoughts on crafting goals and ideas

All models should carry journals, not just for our schedules and castings but to stay aware of the inner-self. We might not be tall giraffes but we are striving in a business based on appearance, even in print modeling it's about looking the part, and it can take a beating on our souls. I have journals saved from my earlier modeling days based on what I was going through, what I was experiencing, and my journal really helped me vent. (When I wrote my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" , I went to my journals and found material for the book, went back in my memories and in my mind re-lived those not so glamorous moments. I also carried mini calendar books to keep myself organized...sort of.) Also a journal kept me focused, when I wrote down a goal, it was there, written in ink and I wanted to attain to it more seriously. Goal setting is so important when you are striving, having a plan keeps you ambitious. I wrote about what I was doing, what I wanted to do, what I was worried about not doing, what I had done already. It helped me stay positive to write and get it out. Maybe you have another outlet, but for me a journal helped me through. Not just through tough times but when I was crafting ideas for my plans. I still write in a journal. I use it as a sounding board, to express and also as a palette for my ideas and concepts that relate to my books and projects. I can't keep my ideas all in my mind, it gets cluttered quickly and overwhleming. So I write it down. I get my ideas out. For creative souls and go-getters, so how do you craft your ideas? I mean, do you just think about it and think about it, or do you write it down, make a list or take notes, scrap book it. Usually I write my ideas down for books and projects with a pen in my journal and then when I've crafted them I go to the computer and expand on it more. Ideas happen all the time so I fill up journals pretty fast and use my highlighter for certain notes I want to refer to later. I do think of my journals as the behind the scenes of my writing and planning, a look into how I think, how my ideas are formed. Also it's really messy and while I jot down ideas it looks like a sprouting tree, kind of like idea branches all over the place. Do you type your notes into your iPhone? ~Isobella

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