Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hooray! Today is the official pub date for my YA novel Careful

It might be rainy in NYC but it's not going to ruin my sunshine! Today is the official pub date for my YA novel Careful, the first book of the Careful, Quiet, Invisible series. I'm so happy to share this book wih you. I put so much heart into it and I hope you laugh, cry and smile while reading it. It's available on Amazon and and for the Nook and Kindle as an ebook--you can check it out here and on my website

If you'd like a personalized/signed copy just contact me through my website and we'll work it out.

Today tune-in for my live podcast reading segment at 12 PM EST (or catch the archive anytime) at On the podcast today I'll be reading from the book and chatting about writing 'the fight scene' and 'funeral scene.'

Throughout the book there are messages from Estella about being "Careful" with yourself and others based on the things she has learned from her living friends and family, one of my favorites: "Careful, don't be careless." I hope you enjoy my latest book, details on an upcoming book signing in NYC are coming soon!


Learn more about the series and exclusive promotions on my website here
Careful is available on Amazon here and Barnes and Noble here, look for the ebook for the Nook, Kindle and in the iBookstore too!

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Lisa said...

I was wondering. Did you submit that story to a literary agent?