Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book contest! Did you wear white to your prom like Estella did?

Hey Girls,

The first book, Careful, of my new YA novel series Careful, Quiet Invisible launches soon, on July 26, 2012!

But before Careful is available on Amazon and, etc., I'm holding a few special contests to win a signed copy of the book.

The first contest starts today!

In Careful, Estella dies in a texting and driving crash, but before the crash she goes prom dress shopping with her best friends and picks out a white prom gown, and she loves the one shoulder strap design of the dress and the line of silver beaded daisies on it too.

Did you wear a white dress to your prom?

The first girl to send me a jpeg of themselves wearing a white prom dress wins the signed book!

Typically I'd like the winner to be a girl from this years 2012 prom.

Submit your first name, and a low res jpg of yourself in your prom dress to

Check out Estella's dress in the book trailer for Careful (to hear better click here and watch the trailer on Youtube, or turn off the sound on my podcast to the right of the blog).

Next, I'll be sharing the adventure of finding Estella's white prom dress and my hunt for the perfect dress in NYC.

Cheers to life long love,


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