Monday, June 11, 2012

To feed your soul just add the time

Make sure your feeding your soul, what's important to you and that nagging "Oh shit I didn't do THAT today." If THAT is something that makes your spirit feel alive and brings you peace, makes you feel smart, brings out the best of you or is simply something you feel you should do then make sure you are spending time, even 30 mins a day doing it. I have to remind myself of this sometimes. There is... so much in our worlds to distract our minds from what we REALLY need to do for ourselves and feeding our soul. Getting in touch with what really matters to us, what we know we should do, is something that shouldn't be put last or least important. I'm about to now go feed my soul with some writing this evening that I've been meaning to do, wanting to do, but push it aside because there's so much other work, writing, projects going on. But I'll regret it, if I don't spend some time on this one thing, so I gotta make an effort to make the time for it. Time is sure precious, so go dive into that moment in your day that's just for you and reflects the person you are inside. ~IJ

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