Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Setting a goal: a true challenge makes us bolder

Set a goal. It might not happen tomorrow, it might be a true challenge but a challenge gets us hyped up, makes us bolder and stronger and we grow our minds and hearts while striving. Sure you might through a hissy fit while trying to accomplish it or spaz out more than a few times worried it will never happen or that it's taking too long to reach, but you're working for a goal, it's a process, it'...s where you are today meeting up with the future you're planning and hoping for. During the journey you'll discover so much about yourself and probably also meet some people who could influence you, or you might even be that influencer for someone else. Setting a goal and moving towards it takes time, it can take hours, days, weeks and years but remember you're out there aiming for something you want. And if your goal helps others too, even better! Strive on! Isobella Jade

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