Monday, June 4, 2012

Read an excerpt of Careful, my new book coming in July!

Hey Girls,

I've been sick with a cold and pregnant, then traveling around the coast of Maine on a baby moon trip, and now back and hustling to fill you in with the latest on my Careful, Quiet, Invisible series. The first book Careful is due in July and here is some recent news.

This summer please be ‘Careful’ on the road, please don't text and drive and please tell your friends and family not to take the risk. In my new book called “Careful,” due in July, the main character Estella dies from a texting and driving crash. The book is sort of a "Lovely Bones" meets "Gossip Girl" but with a lot more darkness and heart. It's a sentimental series and I just posted an excerpt of the book here: and also here's a promo illustration of the 'girls,' Estella and her friends: Zara, Eva and Jett, illustrated by my graphic novel, “Model Life,” illustrator Jazmin Ruotolo ( ).
I thought it would be fun to see a visual of the 'girls' together, even though the book is a novel.

 More about the book: After death and as a spirit, Estella experiences many self-discovery moments through her friends and family that involve diet pills, depression, beauty and body image, revenge and bullying, to forgive or not forgive and other present day self-growth moments, along with trendy topics like teens starting a small business together. I hope while reading the book and traveling with Estella's spirit you keep in mind how precious life. Although fictional, the book has a landscape of my hometown in Central, NY and there are some moments throughout that can reflect my own childhood and teen years as well. Yay for July! Read more about the “Careful, Quiet, Invisible” series and upcoming giveaways and exclusive promotions:
P.s: Check out this site on the dangers of texting and driving:

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