Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo shoot confessions: Could you change in the brushes?

This week I did a belly shoot in Central Park and the topic of being comfortable changing in the bushes came up. And how models should be cool with that sort of thing. Or using a man-made changing room, usually made from a towel and two people holding one or two towels around you while you change. I didn't change in the bushes this week, but I'm pretty good at changing descreetly my shirt without anyone noticing like the dog walkers. Being able to adjust and be comfortable changing quickly, in the bushes, behind a man-made towel, or a man-made changing room is a good thing. If your shooting at the beach, on job on location or somewhere that doesn't have a bathroom right near by, it's a good thing to be able to change anywhere because there might not be time to run to the bathroom or have the crew stop and wait for you to trek to the bathroom to change outfits. Of course, for the booking the crew usually has a trailer or a place already scouted for you, but also be aware of the nearest bathroom or where the changing area is, so you are prepared, it's best to be comfortable changing wherever. Time is money and as a model changing behind a man-made towel changing room shouldn't be an issue. If you can't handle it, think twice about modeling. ~Isobella

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