Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: My pink Belmont Stakes Hat

Me, my hat and baby bump at the Belmont Stakes

First step: Get a hat! My hat, I bought it on 14th street for $10.  I went for a smaller summer hat but you can go super large if you want!

Then go to craft store and buy artificial flowers. The flowers came from JoAnn fabrics.

You'll also need a glue-gun: I think I got the glue gun a couple years ago in the city at a drugstore or Pearl Paint art supply store.

Heat up your glue gun. Trim/ cut the flower stem down and then grab your heated glue gun. Carefully glue a line across the stem and then press it on your hat. Or glue a line on your hat and press the stem down on it.

Then next to the first flower add a feather for down funky flair that will grab attention. :) hehe

To cover up some glue gun marks and for some more fun color, decorate your hat with flowers that are a different style than the first tall standout flower you added.

Add more! And get colorful! The more dramatic the better! Flowers, flowers, flowers and funky fabulous pretty.

Get creative and celebrate your artistic side.

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Lisa said...

Did you really make that?