Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I like looking at the moon

The Super Moon is back this weekend!

Why do I like the moon? Because looking at the moon and stars makes me think about how fragile it all is, makes me think about time and history, how beautiful mother nature is and this amazing formation of the earth, looking at the moon also makes me think about life, death, war, and togetherness, and how we need to take care of the earth --it's not just our stomping ground to do whatever we want ...with it, to be careless about it, to create country lines. Why do these political leaders past and present forget that our egos should not be larger than the care we have for this world and each other, what the hell. When I think about lives that have been blasted throughout history I think about the land that has been blasted too, we should have respect as a global understanding that while we might not always get along, the earth, this one world, floating in space, is not something to ruin. We have no right to ruin it. It frustrates me to think about how political decisions led to the deaths of so many human beings throughout history and at the same time brought carelessness to the world we live on. It's disgusting and disgraceful. When I look at the moon I also think of the beauty of the world we live on, and there is a lot of good here that creates good energy, it's just hard not to think about how precious the landscape is. ~Ij

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