Friday, May 4, 2012

My new teen novel series Careful, Quiet, Invisible!!!

Hey! Guess what ya'all! I got some Book News!!
It’s true: Write what you know.  But I wasn’t doing that at first. I already started writing my teen novel series “Careful, Quiet, Invisible” before my Dad died on February 26th 2011, it was my first experience with losing someone close to me and then taking on the honor of handling all the details that followed took my own breath away. When I started writing “Careful,” the first book of the series, I had the plot in mind and characters but struggled with finding the voice of the main character, Estella, who is a spirit. It wasn’t until after, ironically, I went through the everlasting deep pain that comes with losing someone suddenly and tragically that I felt what it meant to only have the memories and the soul left of someone you love. In the months that followed I tried writing again with all I felt inside, I wrote more comfortably about Estella’s transition after her own tragic and sudden death into a new state of being, while thinking about the love she still had, all she did and didn’t do, and how she’s stuck in time but still able to influence the people that she once knew so well. Writing this book helped me through my grief, it gave me something to wake up for, a rhythm, a goal, and grieving actually helped my writing too. Whooa and here we are! The foundation of “Careful” is about friendship, family, forgiveness and finding the meaning in your life- and death.  Also through Estella's friends and family you'll find many teen issues and self-discovering elements in the book: texting and driving, diet pills, bullying, sex, starting a small company and more. While adjusting to a new dimension, in each chapter Estella also shares what she observes and learns from her friends and family by spreading messages of the importance of being ‘careful’ because you can’t rewind time, careful to think before you speak, not everything lasts forever, careful not to lose valuables, careful with yourself and others, etc. I’m so excited to share with you this first book in the series, which is due in July 2012, and in the next days and weeks I’ll be sharing more about Estella, the series and how my own childhood growing up in Central New York relates to the book, and here are some details on my website:

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