Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My feet and hands in the June issue of Seventeen magazine

Hey Girls,

I was hand modeling for a toy commercial this week, Monday and Tuesday but I'll share more about that when the commercial is airing on TV. I booked the job because small hands were needed, see smaller can be better!

I will be posting about some tips on what a day on set is like and also insight on how to deal with the long hours that come with many modeling job bookings and how to best prepare for a modeling job.

Today I noticed my feet and hands in the June issue of Seventeen magazine. It's for a pedicure story editorial. It's on stands now, page 80, those are my feet and hands in the how-to pedicure editorial. As a parts model it's a good idea to KNOW your parts well, do you know your pinky toe or thumb or big toe by heart? So that later you can spot it in a magazine, catalog, etc? A parts model needs know these things, hehe. (something is wrong with my scanner, it scanned a bit bright, but you get the idea)

Here's the cute and quick how-to pedicure video on, yup there I am clippin' and filin' soakin' and paintin'! :)

Height isn't everything, now go pamper yourself!

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