Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I will not settle on bimbo reality TV, I will not accept gossip being the latest news

So glad Simon Doonan wrote this article last week. Took the thought right out of my head! Why do airheads get so much f'ing airtime,why do we as a culture accept the BS...show me a female doing something, striving for something, have really achieved something, then I'll watch that show and read that magazine. Hell no, I will not settle on bimbo reality TV and promotes selfishness and I will not accept gossip being the latest news.... I really, really hate that shit. I'd rather clean the apartment and do laundry than be tortured with it, and I hate cleaning. I was thinking about that in the nail salon this morning letting my nails dry, where is Time magazine, National Geographic, something? Something with some depth? Why assume girls don't care about real news, real world changing stuff? A girl can like fashion, do her makeup but still use her brain! And want to fill it with more than mush of OMG who cares how many times some airhead almost fell on her ass in heels. To me that's not even worth laughing about, I got better shit to do. Women especially need better role models and with this in mind I plan to feature more often on my blog women in history and today who have inspired me and have done inspirational achievements that define kindness, compassion, change and followed a dream. http://www.slate.com/articles/life/doonan/2012/04/kim_kardashian_why_does_she_fascinate_us_we_used_to_revere_scientists_and_surgeons_.html
An inspiring woman to get to know more about: Jane Goodall. Been reading her book Reason for Hope and it really makes me think about purpose and that we are one world and how important and meaningful togetherness is. www.janegoodall.org


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