Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you look good in a candid shot? It might help your modeling pursuits

Hey Girls, Do you look good in a candid photo? That's a plus! Are all your portfolio shots airbrushed....and do you this that is something of a benefit? Well, it's not. Well at castings ad go-sees the casting director, editor or marketing professional might flip through your portfolio but there is a huge chance they won't even ask to see it or want to when you offer it. They might take your comp card, but sometimes they don't even take that, they just want the real you. It's kind of ironic because you work hard for tearsheets and modeling work that proves your abilities and your portfolio might be grorsheets that you'd like to show off and believe will help you get the job. And they do matter. But when you make your comp card be sure to show the best of you and the marketable tearsheets as well. Because if your portfolio isn't flipped through you can still show your best work on your compcard. Your comp card should always only show the best of you anyways but when I write best of you I don't mean airbrushed you, I mean the best marketable modeling shots you have and they should not be airbrushed to the max. That's not even pretty, I hate overly airbrushed images, it's like where is the real skin in there, where is the energy and life in her eyes...for real? At castings your photo will be taken, so make sure you have nice natural makeup and also a manicure and pedicure and have shaved and all that because how you are when you show up and how you look on the digital shot taken of you that second can reflect if you book the job or not. So keep in mind, no over doing the touch-up, airbrush, photoshopping your images. If your photographer offers this, becareful and have a watchful eye and don't be afraid to say OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH!

Agents, casting directors, magzaine editors, art directors, marketing professionals they want to see the real you and they don't often ask to flip through your portfolio these days, not only is it time consuming but how can they tell from an already altered photo what you really look like and if you will be good for the job? So keep in mind that candid shot taken of you at the casting or go-see, is more of a selling point. An example is: at my hand modeling and shoe modeling castings this week one was for a commercial and involved showing my hands front and back and then picking up and using the product and my portfolio and comp card were not seen at all, the casting professional just took video of my hands which would be reviewed by the person who is hiring the model. At my shoe modeling casting it just involved trying on a shoe and showing front and side profile views and my comp card was seen but my portfolio wasn't looked at. Many times your photos will already be on your agency website and they client has already reviewed the model's photos ahead of time but just be aware that the candid and video taken at go-sees and castings is really what is reviewed and gets you booked or not. So you have like 5 seconds to bring the best of you forward. Modeling in this digital world is interesting but I haven't seen models with iPads or iPhones showing off their portfolios. The casting professionals like to take their own photos and video so they can imagine how you'll look on camera or for the shots in the magazine or ad.

This doesn't mean you don't need a portfolio or comp card, they are still a model marketing must-have tools just keep in mind what the editor or casting professional is going to be choosing their models from, it's usually how you looked in that candid shot.


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