Friday, May 25, 2012

My Preakness hat 2012

I've been sick for the past few days, and have been behind in posts and everything, but I wanted to share my Preakness hat, I made it, yay glue gun!, and some other pics from a day at Pimlico! I got a ton of compliments and stares and I was the only one there that I saw with a bird their hat! ~Isobella
Let's go I'll Have Another! And I'll have another hat just for you at the Belmont!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My feet and hands in the June issue of Seventeen magazine

Hey Girls,

I was hand modeling for a toy commercial this week, Monday and Tuesday but I'll share more about that when the commercial is airing on TV. I booked the job because small hands were needed, see smaller can be better!

I will be posting about some tips on what a day on set is like and also insight on how to deal with the long hours that come with many modeling job bookings and how to best prepare for a modeling job.

Today I noticed my feet and hands in the June issue of Seventeen magazine. It's for a pedicure story editorial. It's on stands now, page 80, those are my feet and hands in the how-to pedicure editorial. As a parts model it's a good idea to KNOW your parts well, do you know your pinky toe or thumb or big toe by heart? So that later you can spot it in a magazine, catalog, etc? A parts model needs know these things, hehe. (something is wrong with my scanner, it scanned a bit bright, but you get the idea)

Here's the cute and quick how-to pedicure video on, yup there I am clippin' and filin' soakin' and paintin'! :)

Height isn't everything, now go pamper yourself!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New YA novel "Careful" special charm necklace promotion!

Hey Girls,

In my upcoming YA novel Careful,  the main character Estella wears a charm necklace and it comes up throughout in the book, and I have a charm necklace promo going on! It's great for all ages. I love how these are hand-stamped and you can make them personalized.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: you can receive 15% off your own charm necklace by JLynnCreations just apply coupon code "Estella" at check out:

Here are a couple of my favorite styles:
The Just Bee Inspired charm is so cute.
You know how I have a love of the moon, so I am eying the I love you to the Moon and Back charm.
You can also add on charm extras to your necklace, such as brass key charm I like.


Little toes, little hands, my baby love

It's a BOY!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Behind the scenes book trailer shoot for Careful

I love the creative elements of putting out a new book, like creating a book trailer. I enjoy writing a script and playing art director. Here is a shot from yesterdays Day 1 shoot of the book trailer for Careful (coming this July!)

Friday, May 4, 2012

My new teen novel series Careful, Quiet, Invisible!!!

Hey! Guess what ya'all! I got some Book News!!
It’s true: Write what you know.  But I wasn’t doing that at first. I already started writing my teen novel series “Careful, Quiet, Invisible” before my Dad died on February 26th 2011, it was my first experience with losing someone close to me and then taking on the honor of handling all the details that followed took my own breath away. When I started writing “Careful,” the first book of the series, I had the plot in mind and characters but struggled with finding the voice of the main character, Estella, who is a spirit. It wasn’t until after, ironically, I went through the everlasting deep pain that comes with losing someone suddenly and tragically that I felt what it meant to only have the memories and the soul left of someone you love. In the months that followed I tried writing again with all I felt inside, I wrote more comfortably about Estella’s transition after her own tragic and sudden death into a new state of being, while thinking about the love she still had, all she did and didn’t do, and how she’s stuck in time but still able to influence the people that she once knew so well. Writing this book helped me through my grief, it gave me something to wake up for, a rhythm, a goal, and grieving actually helped my writing too. Whooa and here we are! The foundation of “Careful” is about friendship, family, forgiveness and finding the meaning in your life- and death.  Also through Estella's friends and family you'll find many teen issues and self-discovering elements in the book: texting and driving, diet pills, bullying, sex, starting a small company and more. While adjusting to a new dimension, in each chapter Estella also shares what she observes and learns from her friends and family by spreading messages of the importance of being ‘careful’ because you can’t rewind time, careful to think before you speak, not everything lasts forever, careful not to lose valuables, careful with yourself and others, etc. I’m so excited to share with you this first book in the series, which is due in July 2012, and in the next days and weeks I’ll be sharing more about Estella, the series and how my own childhood growing up in Central New York relates to the book, and here are some details on my website:

Check back often for updates and special exclusive promotions.

SPECIAL READER PROMOTION: Estella's charm necklace makes an appearance throughout the book and with this in mind you can receive 15 % off your own charm necklace by JLynnCreations just apply coupon code “Estella” at check out:

Long live love!

Why I like looking at the moon

The Super Moon is back this weekend!

Why do I like the moon? Because looking at the moon and stars makes me think about how fragile it all is, makes me think about time and history, how beautiful mother nature is and this amazing formation of the earth, looking at the moon also makes me think about life, death, war, and togetherness, and how we need to take care of the earth --it's not just our stomping ground to do whatever we want ...with it, to be careless about it, to create country lines. Why do these political leaders past and present forget that our egos should not be larger than the care we have for this world and each other, what the hell. When I think about lives that have been blasted throughout history I think about the land that has been blasted too, we should have respect as a global understanding that while we might not always get along, the earth, this one world, floating in space, is not something to ruin. We have no right to ruin it. It frustrates me to think about how political decisions led to the deaths of so many human beings throughout history and at the same time brought carelessness to the world we live on. It's disgusting and disgraceful. When I look at the moon I also think of the beauty of the world we live on, and there is a lot of good here that creates good energy, it's just hard not to think about how precious the landscape is. ~Ij

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do you look good in a candid shot? It might help your modeling pursuits

Hey Girls, Do you look good in a candid photo? That's a plus! Are all your portfolio shots airbrushed....and do you this that is something of a benefit? Well, it's not. Well at castings ad go-sees the casting director, editor or marketing professional might flip through your portfolio but there is a huge chance they won't even ask to see it or want to when you offer it. They might take your comp card, but sometimes they don't even take that, they just want the real you. It's kind of ironic because you work hard for tearsheets and modeling work that proves your abilities and your portfolio might be grorsheets that you'd like to show off and believe will help you get the job. And they do matter. But when you make your comp card be sure to show the best of you and the marketable tearsheets as well. Because if your portfolio isn't flipped through you can still show your best work on your compcard. Your comp card should always only show the best of you anyways but when I write best of you I don't mean airbrushed you, I mean the best marketable modeling shots you have and they should not be airbrushed to the max. That's not even pretty, I hate overly airbrushed images, it's like where is the real skin in there, where is the energy and life in her eyes...for real? At castings your photo will be taken, so make sure you have nice natural makeup and also a manicure and pedicure and have shaved and all that because how you are when you show up and how you look on the digital shot taken of you that second can reflect if you book the job or not. So keep in mind, no over doing the touch-up, airbrush, photoshopping your images. If your photographer offers this, becareful and have a watchful eye and don't be afraid to say OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH!

Agents, casting directors, magzaine editors, art directors, marketing professionals they want to see the real you and they don't often ask to flip through your portfolio these days, not only is it time consuming but how can they tell from an already altered photo what you really look like and if you will be good for the job? So keep in mind that candid shot taken of you at the casting or go-see, is more of a selling point. An example is: at my hand modeling and shoe modeling castings this week one was for a commercial and involved showing my hands front and back and then picking up and using the product and my portfolio and comp card were not seen at all, the casting professional just took video of my hands which would be reviewed by the person who is hiring the model. At my shoe modeling casting it just involved trying on a shoe and showing front and side profile views and my comp card was seen but my portfolio wasn't looked at. Many times your photos will already be on your agency website and they client has already reviewed the model's photos ahead of time but just be aware that the candid and video taken at go-sees and castings is really what is reviewed and gets you booked or not. So you have like 5 seconds to bring the best of you forward. Modeling in this digital world is interesting but I haven't seen models with iPads or iPhones showing off their portfolios. The casting professionals like to take their own photos and video so they can imagine how you'll look on camera or for the shots in the magazine or ad.

This doesn't mean you don't need a portfolio or comp card, they are still a model marketing must-have tools just keep in mind what the editor or casting professional is going to be choosing their models from, it's usually how you looked in that candid shot.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Petite Pregnant fashion: I got a belly bathingsuit!

Petite Pregnant Lady: yesterday I stopped in Old Navy, their maternity department could be better but I picked up this style of bathingsuit for the summer and our babymoon trip we're planning. It's stretchy but fitted so I went up a size for some more room for belly. The color I got is similar but it also has white polka dots which is really cute.

When you're petite it's hard to shop for maternity clothes in normal maternity stores sometimes so when shopping at a normal retail store or department store I just go up a size in a style I like.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Isobella Jade Quote: It takes courage

It takes courage to believe in yourself, even if your born with an independent spirit it takes energy and patience, focus, ambition and guts to get where you want to go and where your going and do what you dream to do. ~Isobella Jade

I will not settle on bimbo reality TV, I will not accept gossip being the latest news

So glad Simon Doonan wrote this article last week. Took the thought right out of my head! Why do airheads get so much f'ing airtime,why do we as a culture accept the me a female doing something, striving for something, have really achieved something, then I'll watch that show and read that magazine. Hell no, I will not settle on bimbo reality TV and promotes selfishness and I will not accept gossip being the latest news.... I really, really hate that shit. I'd rather clean the apartment and do laundry than be tortured with it, and I hate cleaning. I was thinking about that in the nail salon this morning letting my nails dry, where is Time magazine, National Geographic, something? Something with some depth? Why assume girls don't care about real news, real world changing stuff? A girl can like fashion, do her makeup but still use her brain! And want to fill it with more than mush of OMG who cares how many times some airhead almost fell on her ass in heels. To me that's not even worth laughing about, I got better shit to do. Women especially need better role models and with this in mind I plan to feature more often on my blog women in history and today who have inspired me and have done inspirational achievements that define kindness, compassion, change and followed a dream.
An inspiring woman to get to know more about: Jane Goodall. Been reading her book Reason for Hope and it really makes me think about purpose and that we are one world and how important and meaningful togetherness is.