Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reader Special-get my book Short Stuff AND Almost 5'4" for special price!

Hey here is some Petite Pride for my USA readers!

For the month of April I'm doing a reader special for Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model that also includes a signed copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4". 

Get both books personalized for $25 includes shipping.

Almost 5'4" is my true life memoir of my early modeling pursuits in New York City, it includes the grit and the glory involved with taking a chance on yourself, despite the risk and doubt, it's me, sharing the tough moments and the attitude that believing in yourself IS everything when it comes to chasing a challenging dream.  You can read an excerpt of Almost 5'4" here. And you might find where I wrote the book to be also intriguing, read about it here.

Short Stuff, shares on the job modeling adventures that happened after Almost 5'4", and also includes modeling tips for short chicks. This book was inspired by my blog readers actually. Read sample here.

After you order please contact me through my website so that I can confirm your name is correct for a personalized copy of Short Stuff and Almost 5'4" please contact me through my website here.

Please put your name here so I can sign the book for you!

If you live outside the US but are interested in this special promotion you can let me know of your interest by emailing me through my website and we'll try to work something out.



P.s: If you have an iPhone remember you can read the mobile edition of Model Life, my graphic novel on your device, just download the free Comics + app, and then search for Model Life. :) Enjoy it!

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