Thursday, April 26, 2012

Petite Pregnant Lady: Diaper Talk

Petite Pregnant Lady Talk: And so the diaper conversation is here. I'm not saying I'll only be using cloth diapers but even before being pregnant the thought of where diapers end up really bothers me. I know, I know it's a convenience factor, but when we're home I'm going to try for cloth diapers, okay, when we are running around the city it will prob be another story, but these recent articles on diapers in the dump caught my eye: This guy is all about turning dirty diapers into park benches and other products and has a mission for waste reduction:
I'm also interested in trying the disposable inserts and flush inserts that go into cloth diapers, like these:

Jeez so many choices.

Petite pregnant fashion: Still love pants but wearing these now for yoga this evening and while I work at home and craft dreams. They go alittle past my ankle and real comfy.

Going to try out prenatal yoga today.


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