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Good skin is a short model's asset

An aspiring model recently asked me how much having clear skin will affect her modeling pursuits.  My reply will inspire you as well. At the start of my pregnancy I noticed some zits appearing on my face and of course this frustrated me, so I got on it! Normally I have good skin and I take pride in my clear skin and I put effort into keeping it looking clean and blemish free. Some tips below may also help you when it comes to your own skincare routine.

I wanted to get back to you about skincare and modeling. Having a clear complexion is a benefit in modeling, yes at shoots there is a makeup artist but it isn't the makeup artists job to cover blemishes, and sometimes not having clear skin could affect whether you book a job or not. It's a benefit for a short model to have a skincare routine also because we may not have height but our skin and complexion can be an asset when it comes to booking work. Also you'll feel more confident when your skin is clear. You could still attend castings and such and for certain types of jobs it might not matter so much if your face is super clear but I think it is a good idea to focus on getting the skin looking great and glowing. And it will happen. Keep putting effort into your skincare routine and continue to go to castings because you'll gain experience at each one, and you're skin will get better and make progress too, but I understand that you might feel more confident when the skin is clear...

Here is a bit more on skincare (and some aspects of of my personal skincare routine)

As annoying as it is, it can take a week sometimes longer for a blemish to go away and the best thing to do is act on it before it gets worse. So whenever you see or feel with your hand a zit (run your hand over your face, you'll know what areas are more prone to blemishes just by touch and studying your face in the mirror or with natural light in front of the window) target the areas that could be prone to a breakout with a cleanser and toner, acne prevention routine. Keep in mind of these areas, you'll want to give them special attention.

I think Clean and Clear is a good product, I've used it and still do. Neutrogena and Cetaphil are also good. Depending on your skin type, oily, dry, normal, sensitive, you'll want to make sure you're using products, cleanser, toner, mositurizer that works for your skin.

I'd use a q-tips to target certain areas on the face, you can tab some Clean and Clear astringent (if you can, get both the sensitive -blue bottle- and the normal -red bottle), the normal kind is pretty strong and for days when the face has less blemishes to use every day or two times a day, but you can use sensitive to clean the face and attack smaller blemishes any day...also all depends on your skin.

If using an astringent or acne product I think it's still a good idea to moisturize (depending on the type of moisturizer) personally I wouldn't put a moisturizer all over the area of a blemish, perhaps lightly...but also on the other areas of the face that don't have blemishes...and Cetaphil has a nice face lotion for ance prone skin that is line and good to go over blemishes too, some also have SPF in it.

I use a cotton ball and here is what my skincare routine looks like:

Use cleanser and using a toner in the morning.

Zap any signs of blemishes with a Q-tip or cotton ball. Maybe not using astringent ALL over face but in just target areas.

When it dries I use a light weight moisturizer with SPF.

I might or might not use a primer before putting on makeup but keep in mind that it's important to take off your makeup completely at the end of the day before bed, all of mascara, foundation/powder etc. Makeup left on your face can cause breakouts. I don't like to cake on makeup and I give myself a day make-up free once a week...usually on a Sunday...where I wear less or no makeup to let the skin breath. *** also change and wash your pilllow cases every week because you might not be able to see the dirt but it's there, and your face has been rolling around in all night.

Mositurize. I like products that soak into the skin quickly...but sometimes at night I might use a heavier moisturizer, under eyes and around chin and forehead.

I also love to do face masks and LUSH has GREAT ones for about $5 bucks for about 6 uses-buy them in the store and keep in mind if you bring back 5 LUSH pots you get a free face mask!

Also keep in mind what you eat affects your face, so make sure you add some fruits and berries they make your face look more lively and youthful( I eat fruits 2-3 times daily, apples, strawberries, banana, blueberries), and vitamin C and A also need to be in your diet, also I eat tons of veggies, every single day, and drink massive WATER! Hydration helps your skin glow! Here's more on how what you eat can make your face look healthy:

And tips on preventing dry skin:

And it's not just about your face but also take care of your legs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders and moisturize daily, right out of the shower before bed time and also in the morning, because having nice skin can also lead to work as a model no matter your height. And giving yourself some attention can make you feel even more beautiful.

I hope this helps.


P.s: Click here to read Model Skincaer Secrets via Elle magazine.

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