Monday, April 9, 2012

Fashion and model news that caught my eye

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Hey Girls,

It might be hard to work as a fashion model when your 5'2" but fashion isn't everything. Also sometimes I think the fashion world gets too much attention, and the behind the scenes can be gritty and not so beautiful and kind. And there is such an amount of celebration consumption, getting the latest this and that, buy this and that, you gotta have this and that, blah blah, I wish more often celebrated was the latest in compassion and having and giving could be in the same news segment or article or ad campaign. I read Vogue and Elle and all of them but I've become more of a selctive shopper thinking about if this dress will last me a couple seasons, if this pair of shoes is not just pretty but durable and won't break while I pound the pavement or run for a cab, I don't want something just for the sake of wanting it, I want something that will last, that's quality, that comes from a brand I respect for how they created the product in the first place and the love and care they put into it. (and if they give back to the world in a charitable way, even better). Remember with all this fashion news and fashion buzz of who is wearing what, it's good to give your mind some time to think about the world, not just your own bubble or the bubbles of those wearing what, but the whole green and blue floating in space, I also like reading through Time, National Geographic and Smithsonian magazine.

However when it comes to fashion and modeling buzz here is some that caught my eye:

This is more 'fashion modeling' related, the documentary "Girl Model" but it might appeal to girls of all sizes and types curious about modeling, for the sake that the perception of the glamour and allure of modeling is easily misleading. "And the idea of being a top model was probably something she had considered. But at 13, 14, 15, how much can they really understand about the dreams versus the reality?”

Video game characters/models shows off the latest Prada fashions:

Are you a plus size model and wear a D-Cup?
Fuller-bust British lingerie brand Curvy Kate is celebrating its U.S. debut with Star in a Bra, a model search of impressive proportions that is open to all confident and naturally curvaceous women who are D plus cup size. "The average American breast size is now a 36DD, and the average dress size is a 14 or larger, but many fashion brands still choose a model that is, on average, 23 percent lighter than the typical woman," said Steve Hudson, Curvy Kate managing director. Read more here:

A new fashion magazine for women with Curves:

Model and fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs lost her left eye and hand after walking into a plane propeller in December and her strength and inspiring story will be shared in a book titled "Still Lolo," which will be out in November. Read more:

Aim high and strive on,

Well, if you are a shorter girl curious about modeling consider print modeling and the commercial print side of the industry, which isn't as often covered in the media but it is the largest area of modeling for people of all sizes. On my blog you can find insight on print modeling and how to start and the right photos to create to market yourself.

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