Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reed Krakoff should write an inspirational book

Hey Girls,
Last week at the French Institute Alliance Francaise FIAF listening to Reed Krakoff, designer of his own women's ready-to-wear and creative director at Coach, talk about his design journey he mentioned how important it is to allow yourself to fail. I liked that he said that. I was struck by how inspirational his way of describing his own journey was, every sentence out of his mouth sounded like a title of a book or a chapter in an inspirational book.
Failure, and the good of it, was a main pin point of the talk.
And I could relate.
We all want to succeed and have that successful feeling, we aim high and have that vision of glory but things can't be rushed and allowing yourself to fail translates into allowing yourself to bring out the best of you, trial and error, discovering, crafting and falling in love with your pursuit/s. Reed Krakoff also mentioned the importance of letting yourself grow with your work.
I could relate again.
Allowing yourself time to grow and really letting yourself, project, company or goal evolve is what forms the feeling of success and helps you clarify what success is to you and leads you to it. Even in this fast pace want-it-now world, some things shouldn't be rushed, and in the words of Reed Krakoff, "Nothing replaces time."

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