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Models paying the bills with more than modeling skills

Hey Girls,

Sure you can get paid hundreds or thousands a day but modeling is not a stable pursuit in the sense of banking on it to pay bills and getting your due paycheck before the bills come in. Usually after a modeling job (ex: with a magazine or for an ad campaign) it will take 60 or more days to get paid. Which can be hard to count on to get the bills paid when they need to be. Pursuing an unstable passion can mean finding other ways to bringing money. It's hard to manage being available for the modeling casting, the modeling job and work another part time job, it's especially hard to pursue modeling and book consistent work when being available is so much of it and you're trying to manage two worlds.

Recently I was asked if modeling pays more than a typical part time job, the answer is yes it can, but you don't get paid right away which makes a reason for another outlet for income important.

My advice for aspiring models who need to support themselves while waiting for a paycheck is to choose a part time job that is flexible and also involves using your other skills. A job that isn't just a job but one that benefits you and your goals.

It wasn't always easy to survive and model. I have my bachelors in Advertising and have done PR work and writing jobs to help pay bills when waiting for a modeling paycheck after college. Writing became another outlet for an income for me. So choose to do something part time that allows you to use your skills...think of your passions and skills and find a job that can excite you and challenge you and keep you inspired and you can use your skills.

Some girls do promotional modeling jobs but still that can take months to get paid from. Here might be some options for aspiring models for part time work while they pursue modeling:

First be honest with the person who is hiring you about your availability, let them know upfront your looking for a flexible atmosphere where if you need to run out to a meeting/casting you can. Or see if it's possible to manage this during a lunch break, but it's very hard when casting are last minute and you can't leave your other job. Look for a job that relates to your pursuits. Do you have an interest in photography? In art, design, fashion, PR, marketing, cooking? What are your other interests? Your part time job should involve your interests and help you grow and learn while you're there.

If you have graphic design skills. A printing studio might be a good place to work part time.  Maybe you can get a discount for printing comp cards.

A PR agency might be a good option to pursue if you have a marketing or communications background.

Also, if you have an interest in art or design, an art store would be a good place to work and you might get discounts for portfolios.

Working at a gym might get you a membership discount and who knows might meet management and could lead to fitness modeling. Or if you are active as a runner or yoga it might be good to entwine your interests with working at a store or being a part of teaching, coaching training or classes.

Are you tech savvy? The Apple store.*hehe  working around creative and savvy minds can inspire you and your own pursuits.  Especially since the Apple store on fifth ave in NYC is open 24 hours and needs people all hours. I even asked an employee there today and they said yes, a lot of people who work at Apple have other passions and pursuits.

A photo studio might be a good place to work part time but obviously you need some photography skill.

A part time job as a hostess might work if the hours could be 5-9pm or something like that since you don't want to be bar tending till 3 am and have a casting at 9am and look and feel so tired.

I've known of some models to take up massage therapy and do that part time.

Like dogs? A dog walker might be a good part time job and business to pursue.

Babysitting also could be good part time money since many mom's don't need a full time nanny but do need daily help.

Are you crafty, working at a craft store like Michaels might be a good idea.

The best hours to work part time and manage castings would be early morning or from 5-9pm in my opinion. Usually castings are in the afternoon in my experience they go from 2pm-4pm or 11am -2pm or maybe 1pm -5pm. Also it is best to arrive to castings as early as possible. Sometimes you have a couple days notice sometimes your agency might call you THAT DAY for a casting THAT DAY.

Being on your feet as a waitress and being around alcohol as a bartender might not be the best atmosphere for you because it can be very tiring and distracting from your goals as well, in my opinion I would skip those as options.

These are just a few thoughts of part time jobs but think of your own skills and how you can use them to have a stable income while pursuing a passion/modeling that is often unstable.

Ths article shares how some models are using their other skills to pay the bills:


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