Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paying for a modeling school? No thanks! Grab your guts instead!

Hey Girls,

A comment on Facebook recently asked me about modeling schools and modeling school associations and this was my reply: be honest I'm not a fan of modeling schools and talent schools, especially for shorter models, mainly because most modeling schools seem to focus on strickly fashion (some out there might be better than otehrs) and for a shorter girl that's not a direction they will most likely find opportunities. So it ends up being a waste of time and money. The things learned at a modeling school-how to walk and be a fashion model- typically won't help a shorter girl. And even if your taller I'm still not into modeling schools. Those schools are so expensive also. And I'd rather see that money be put towards what a striving aspiring model really needs: professional photos, a comp card, a portfolio (that grows over time) a marketing mindset and the will to try to reach out to print modeling agencies.

You don't need a modeling school to get an agency.
You don't need a modeling school to learn how to be a print model.
Print modeling is all about showing the camera your personality and natural expression so if you have it, you're in.
Get the tools you need and be prepared for your success and save money and time. You'll need the right photos, you'll need comp cards, a professional portfolio, and some guts! You'll be mailing the comp card to agencies and in the mean time trying to network and get your own experience with smaller aspiring brands, stores, and trying to get some quality experience and tearsheets which can lead to more work. Think about your assets, height isn't everything but you have to see it that way and market what you've got, and have that model marketing mindset.

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