Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby slings for petites and how did cave-women carry their kids?

here I am enjoying my snugli

How did cave-women carry their kids? They might have used a piece of animal fur to create a baby swing or carrier or used a thick piece of bark from a tree tied with pine tree branches, maybe? Today while talking to my mom about the history of baby carriers the word papoose came up. When I was a baby my mother used a snugli baby carrier. It's cool to think about how much of what we use today are actually advancements from the beginning of time. And I love being thankful for what we have now. But if I had to go back in time I might use a bow and arrow like Katniss in Hunger Games and use the squirrel skin as a swaddle for my newborn-to-be. Here's some insight on where the stuff we see at Babys R Us probably aspired from.

Interested in prehistoric baby slings and how they might have increased our brain size check out this article out: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/history/prehistoric-baby-sling-made-our-brains-bigger-2071291.html
cool right!
p.s: Also, being petite I'm on the hunt for a baby carrier that is petite friendly, many are cute and safe and snug but seriously do not fit a petite frame, it goes down past my crotch! And before the belly grows bigger I'd like to try a few on but all I see are sizes that really make me look and feel ridiculous. I might have to seriously make my own!

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