Thursday, March 29, 2012

Had a lovely time at the Blush lingerie launch at Bloomingdales

Hey Girls,

Had a lovely time at the Blush lingerie launch (@blushsocial) at Bloomingdales SoHo this evening. I met Carson Kressley, so sweet, hilarious, witty and charming (follow him on twitter: @carsonkressley ) I told him there needs to be another show like How to Look Good Naked and that he should write more books and also I gave him a copy of ALMOST 5'4" (I hope he enjoys it) and bought some BLUSH panties of course and got a free gift with my purchase: a sexy lingerie coffee table book. It was a little heavy to carry home but it will look hot on the table or bookshelf.

 The lingerie models were tall, pretty much giraffes, but they were also diverse, not super stick thin but realistic, and they rocked the lingerie well, it was sexy and pretty on them.

These are my new BLUSH panties! whoo hoo! And awesome Second Skin lingerie book!


Isobella Jade quote: be patient with yourself while you strive

Sometimes our goals can stress us out, everything to get done to reach it can seem overwhelming, so be patient with yourself while you strive, set little goals for the day and throughout the week to keep yourself gliding :) Isobella Jade

Reed Krakoff should write an inspirational book

Hey Girls,
Last week at the French Institute Alliance Francaise FIAF listening to Reed Krakoff, designer of his own women's ready-to-wear and creative director at Coach, talk about his design journey he mentioned how important it is to allow yourself to fail. I liked that he said that. I was struck by how inspirational his way of describing his own journey was, every sentence out of his mouth sounded like a title of a book or a chapter in an inspirational book.
Failure, and the good of it, was a main pin point of the talk.
And I could relate.
We all want to succeed and have that successful feeling, we aim high and have that vision of glory but things can't be rushed and allowing yourself to fail translates into allowing yourself to bring out the best of you, trial and error, discovering, crafting and falling in love with your pursuit/s. Reed Krakoff also mentioned the importance of letting yourself grow with your work.
I could relate again.
Allowing yourself time to grow and really letting yourself, project, company or goal evolve is what forms the feeling of success and helps you clarify what success is to you and leads you to it. Even in this fast pace want-it-now world, some things shouldn't be rushed, and in the words of Reed Krakoff, "Nothing replaces time."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Baby slings for petites and how did cave-women carry their kids?

here I am enjoying my snugli

How did cave-women carry their kids? They might have used a piece of animal fur to create a baby swing or carrier or used a thick piece of bark from a tree tied with pine tree branches, maybe? Today while talking to my mom about the history of baby carriers the word papoose came up. When I was a baby my mother used a snugli baby carrier. It's cool to think about how much of what we use today are actually advancements from the beginning of time. And I love being thankful for what we have now. But if I had to go back in time I might use a bow and arrow like Katniss in Hunger Games and use the squirrel skin as a swaddle for my newborn-to-be. Here's some insight on where the stuff we see at Babys R Us probably aspired from.

Interested in prehistoric baby slings and how they might have increased our brain size check out this article out:
cool right!
p.s: Also, being petite I'm on the hunt for a baby carrier that is petite friendly, many are cute and safe and snug but seriously do not fit a petite frame, it goes down past my crotch! And before the belly grows bigger I'd like to try a few on but all I see are sizes that really make me look and feel ridiculous. I might have to seriously make my own!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My thoughts on "Weight Watcher" in Vogue's April issue: 7 is too old too finally hand your kid a veggie and a kid-size meal

I've read a couple articles today about this upsetting article in Vogue and they are within this post.

Okay look out. This is kind of long. Ironically last night I was reading an article in Vogue called Weight Watcher, written by and about a mother who puts her 7-year-old daughter on a strict diet. The first thing that crosssed my mind when I saw the article was the photograph of the mother and child who didn't look very Vogue-friendly to me, in the sense of being skinny minnies. Then, with the photo in mind and I imagined the day of the shoot, the mother saying "Okay we are going to do a photo shoot for an article I wrote about you being overweight."   :(

I thought about this little girl, being known by her friends and friend's parents as the girl who lost 16 pounds in a year and the ignorant parenting her mother put her through. The writer/mother had her own issues with weight and food and body image and asked "who was I to teach a little girl how to maintain a healthy weight and body image?"  Um, hello mommy, that IS what you are suppose to try to do as a parent!

I didn't like the article, it made me have morning sickness. It just showed me the type of parent I don't want to be. And not because she put her daughter on a diet--diet is a harsh word but it was the way she did it. According to the article she had been feeding her kids well-balanced meals, but while knowing her child was "polishing off adult-size plates of food" and blaming her three year olds weight gain all on social gatherings, I couldn't pity her. Perhaps her child was getting chubby, but the writer/mother admitted in the article that her child ate too much, and then blamed it on all the influences around, bad cafetaria food and all the sweets given to kids at school and social gatherings that involves treats and and cookies as the story went on. WTF. I see people smoking all the time it doesn't mean I'm going to start.

This is not so-called modern parenting! So many parents piss me off these days by the way.

Also the article didn't mention that the child was involved in any activities or sports before the "diet" started. If not, why not? Why wasn't that option available to her child from the moment her child could walk? Climb the jungle-gym, play hide and seek, playing, moving around, exercising, instead of nibbling and eating and eating, this is where you start balancing out unhealthy lifestyles and healthy! She could probably handle eating some extra calories or that extra cookie and not get chubby if she played tennis or swam or played soccer, went for a walk with her mom every day? Does the kid have a hobby? An interest besides what's for dinner?

As parents, it's about giving your child opportunities and showing them there's opportunities out there to explore, not every kid has to play a sport but to eat and eat and eat and not be active, well, your going to gain weight. When I read about how she gave her daughter dessert every night or how she stopped giving her daughter dessert every night, I thought to myself, "I didn't get dessert every day or a cookie every day as a kid." And I don't feel like I missed out, because I was too busy to care. Also I found enjoyment eating healthy things because I have a taste for it, and had it since I was able to eat solid foods. We all know a few parents who give there kids a cookie every five minutes and make unhealthy choices celebrated. I still don't get dessert every night and could care less.

Your kid can have a cupcake on a classmates birthday, but is your kid active or a slouch on the couch, how active is your child? Say to your child "Oh it was so and so's birthday, happy birthday and you have have that cookie or cupcake but that's it, nothing else this week." Sugar control. It's also about portion control. Parents also give their kids snack after snack as if to cuddle their own insecurities about wanting to snack and snack or laugh over how the toddler is able to hold a full size ice-cream cone and down it.
Let's be smart. Let's have some common sense! Duh, if you give your kids massive chocolate milk then obviously they are not going to want the milk without chocolate and you've shown them that chocolate makes natural foods taste better. :(  Then there's salt and massive mayo and etc coming up next.

Also I think parents spoil the shit out of their kids and not just with candy, and so many kids do not have manners these days and do not understand the value in what they have and appreciate it.

If your child is still hungry after dinner, first of all they should eat whatever you made because THAT's what's for dinner, and make sure what you are feeding your child is healthy, yummy and filling.  Duh, you'll fill up on a veggies faster than chips, so if you are giving your child a well balanced meal and your child is still hungry try feeding your childs mind with something creative or an activity. Even as an adult, sometimes after a meal you "think" you are still hungry but really your mind is just looking for something to fill up on. Read a book, put together a puzzle, get busy with something and usually you'll see that your not really hungry.

You can't control everything your child will see and the influences around, but you can prepare your child with confidence and a mindset of healthy eating habits. So they grab an apple not a candy bar every day. Also you represent what your childs eating habits will be. So if you are going to eat fast food and have unhealthy eating habits then you child is going to be influenced by that!  Your child will struggle with making a change and will need support but a sudden okay let's go on a diet solution, doesn't mean the kid ate too much on purpose it means you also contributed. (And it's VERY hard to change a lifestyle of eating unhealthy foods for a child that's been eating it for years and into adulthood )

Take your child to the Farmers Market, go Apple picking, plant a garden. Teach your child about nutrients and not just about how much healthier your body will be but also how much better you will feel inside and out and how your mindset will be healthy also.

Being pregnant I think about what I eat a lot. Before I eat, asking myself if I'd want my baby to eat this, but mainly nothing has changed. I enjoy fruits and veggies because I grew up on carrots and string beans and pastas. If your consuming food that isn't healthy when your pregnant then you're already starting to get your child to adjust to unhealthy eating habits. Right now I'm waiting for Fresh Direct to arrive, yay! so I can enjoy (give my baby) some fruits and veggies. It's not easy to be 100% all the time. Sure I'll have a few cookies sometimes and chips and salsa and love mac and cheese, a lot of cheese, but growing up eating veggies and fruits has helped me make good eating habits. Everyone gets down with the sugar and calories sometimes while enjoying the yummy tastes of this world, but enjoying food to me isn't just about enjoying dessert and grease..I actually enjoy the taste of fresh veggies.

I think it's important to watch what your child is consuming, and sure, to communicate with the parents of your childs friends that "she already ate lunch, had dinner, brought her own snack" if you want, but to understand that life is all about choices and starting your child off enjoying the taste of healthy foods will hopefully start them on the right track to good nutrition habits that last a lifetime. And get your kids ACTIVE!

What if that writer/mother didn't put her child on a diet, what would have happened? Can we be sure the child would grow up to be overweight? Due to the study mentioned in the article "...80 percent of overweight adolescents are still obese at age 25. If a child becomes overweight by the age of 8, his or her obesity in adulthood will be even more severe."  Some kids are bigger boned and no matter how much dieting or how careful they are eating and staying active they will be just more curvy. Most people are not skinny minnie, most are what the fashion world calls plus-size or bigger. The article shares the mothers issues with her eating habits and lack of her activity level, so she wasn't much of an example to her child but I wish the article shared more on how it's not just about monitoring what your child eats and saying "No," but making it a common sense thing to enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle. Just like you can crave sweets you can also crave healthy choices...if you're used to them.

My child will not be getting a cookie every single day, hell no, but I'll have that bag of veggies and fruit and string beans ready, and enough to share!


Some help with getting balanced meals going:

Models knowing how to pose correctly and naturally

Hey Girls,

Was at a body related casting earlier today and it reminded me how important it is to KNOW your body and KNOW how to pose it to look natural and pretty. If you don't then PRACTICE!! At this casting the casting director was there to help with positioning and gettin into the pose and show us what she was looking for, but typically that's not the case. Most of the time you see a quick photo of what the casting director or marketing professional is looking for and you give it your best shot. The quicker you can get into the pose and do what they are looking for, the better. Knowing how to naturally hold products, may it be a handbag or a paperclip is important. It helps to have a quick, creative eye, and understand what looks good from the camera's perspective. Your job as a model is to make the product look good.

Also, often at castings you are told to hold a product or position your arm or body in a certain way, or simply just smile at the camera, and the more comfortable you are the better. Usually your agency will tell you ahead of time what the casting involves, not just where it is and what it is for but what it involves. Such as: it's a casting for a hands and feet nails editorial (will obviously involve both your hands and feet and also your legs and arms), it's a casting for a beauty product (involves usually your face) it's a casting for any lifestyle commercial store or brand like Target ( the casting will most likely involve personality and showing off your friendly smile).

I talk about the importance of knowing what the casting is for ahead of time in my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model and share tips about this.

To book the job you need to appear as if you know what you are doing, even if you are not totally sure what the casting will involve but if you know what the product is, what the casting purpose is for, what the vibe of the brand, magazine, or company is about, then you will show up more prepared. There is nothing more annoying than a model sitting next to you in the waiting room asking "what is this casting for?"


Sunday, March 25, 2012

NYC Event for girls with curves at: FINDING YOUR CURVE APPEAL

(click to view larger)
Hey Girls,
I recently heard from Asia Mone't, model, advocate and plus size beauty who will be speaking at the upcoming Finding Your Curve Appeal event in NYC on Saturday March 31st, 2012, check it out, details are here:
Also stop by ASIA MONE'T's site here and be inspired!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the dressing room trying on maternity jeans-petite pregnant lady

Hey Girls,

Stickinggg out belly. In dressing room at Pea in a Pod today and Destination Maternity on 57th and Madison. I was there earlier this week quietly thinking about it and yesterday I went for it and after tried on a bunch went for AG Jeans Charlotte -very comfy and nice fit (just will have them hemmed). I do plan to wear dresses and skirts quite often though.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Meet petite jeans designer Allison Izu at Nordstrom Hawaii this weekend!

Hey Girls,

If you are in Hawaii check out Allison Izu's Nordstrom event this weekend!  Meet the designer at Ala Moana Nordstrom on 3/24 
11am - 3 pm!  Buy any pair of Allison Izu jeans and get a free Allizon Izu top and enter for a giveway for a pair of jeans too.  Even if you are not in Hawaii, check out her collection here.

One of my favorites is her Parker petite bootcut here. Also check out these cute Sunset petite size sweatpant capris, totally love.

Connect with Allison Izu jeans on Twitter and Facebook too.

Cheers to petites of all sizes! Rock on with your stylish ways!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Exciting news to share!!

Okay, omg, my sweet and lovely readers, it's time to tell you all!! I have some exciting news to share with you! This weekend I enter my second trimester! I'm pregnant!!! And here is a recent ultrasound image of our little one!! ♥ ♥ ♥ so I'll be posting now not just about modeling tips and upcoming books and favorite little things but also my experiences being a petite pregnant lady! :)

xo, Isobella

Models paying the bills with more than modeling skills

Hey Girls,

Sure you can get paid hundreds or thousands a day but modeling is not a stable pursuit in the sense of banking on it to pay bills and getting your due paycheck before the bills come in. Usually after a modeling job (ex: with a magazine or for an ad campaign) it will take 60 or more days to get paid. Which can be hard to count on to get the bills paid when they need to be. Pursuing an unstable passion can mean finding other ways to bringing money. It's hard to manage being available for the modeling casting, the modeling job and work another part time job, it's especially hard to pursue modeling and book consistent work when being available is so much of it and you're trying to manage two worlds.

Recently I was asked if modeling pays more than a typical part time job, the answer is yes it can, but you don't get paid right away which makes a reason for another outlet for income important.

My advice for aspiring models who need to support themselves while waiting for a paycheck is to choose a part time job that is flexible and also involves using your other skills. A job that isn't just a job but one that benefits you and your goals.

It wasn't always easy to survive and model. I have my bachelors in Advertising and have done PR work and writing jobs to help pay bills when waiting for a modeling paycheck after college. Writing became another outlet for an income for me. So choose to do something part time that allows you to use your skills...think of your passions and skills and find a job that can excite you and challenge you and keep you inspired and you can use your skills.

Some girls do promotional modeling jobs but still that can take months to get paid from. Here might be some options for aspiring models for part time work while they pursue modeling:

First be honest with the person who is hiring you about your availability, let them know upfront your looking for a flexible atmosphere where if you need to run out to a meeting/casting you can. Or see if it's possible to manage this during a lunch break, but it's very hard when casting are last minute and you can't leave your other job. Look for a job that relates to your pursuits. Do you have an interest in photography? In art, design, fashion, PR, marketing, cooking? What are your other interests? Your part time job should involve your interests and help you grow and learn while you're there.

If you have graphic design skills. A printing studio might be a good place to work part time.  Maybe you can get a discount for printing comp cards.

A PR agency might be a good option to pursue if you have a marketing or communications background.

Also, if you have an interest in art or design, an art store would be a good place to work and you might get discounts for portfolios.

Working at a gym might get you a membership discount and who knows might meet management and could lead to fitness modeling. Or if you are active as a runner or yoga it might be good to entwine your interests with working at a store or being a part of teaching, coaching training or classes.

Are you tech savvy? The Apple store.*hehe  working around creative and savvy minds can inspire you and your own pursuits.  Especially since the Apple store on fifth ave in NYC is open 24 hours and needs people all hours. I even asked an employee there today and they said yes, a lot of people who work at Apple have other passions and pursuits.

A photo studio might be a good place to work part time but obviously you need some photography skill.

A part time job as a hostess might work if the hours could be 5-9pm or something like that since you don't want to be bar tending till 3 am and have a casting at 9am and look and feel so tired.

I've known of some models to take up massage therapy and do that part time.

Like dogs? A dog walker might be a good part time job and business to pursue.

Babysitting also could be good part time money since many mom's don't need a full time nanny but do need daily help.

Are you crafty, working at a craft store like Michaels might be a good idea.

The best hours to work part time and manage castings would be early morning or from 5-9pm in my opinion. Usually castings are in the afternoon in my experience they go from 2pm-4pm or 11am -2pm or maybe 1pm -5pm. Also it is best to arrive to castings as early as possible. Sometimes you have a couple days notice sometimes your agency might call you THAT DAY for a casting THAT DAY.

Being on your feet as a waitress and being around alcohol as a bartender might not be the best atmosphere for you because it can be very tiring and distracting from your goals as well, in my opinion I would skip those as options.

These are just a few thoughts of part time jobs but think of your own skills and how you can use them to have a stable income while pursuing a passion/modeling that is often unstable.

Ths article shares how some models are using their other skills to pay the bills:


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Paying for a modeling school? No thanks! Grab your guts instead!

Hey Girls,

A comment on Facebook recently asked me about modeling schools and modeling school associations and this was my reply: be honest I'm not a fan of modeling schools and talent schools, especially for shorter models, mainly because most modeling schools seem to focus on strickly fashion (some out there might be better than otehrs) and for a shorter girl that's not a direction they will most likely find opportunities. So it ends up being a waste of time and money. The things learned at a modeling school-how to walk and be a fashion model- typically won't help a shorter girl. And even if your taller I'm still not into modeling schools. Those schools are so expensive also. And I'd rather see that money be put towards what a striving aspiring model really needs: professional photos, a comp card, a portfolio (that grows over time) a marketing mindset and the will to try to reach out to print modeling agencies.

You don't need a modeling school to get an agency.
You don't need a modeling school to learn how to be a print model.
Print modeling is all about showing the camera your personality and natural expression so if you have it, you're in.
Get the tools you need and be prepared for your success and save money and time. You'll need the right photos, you'll need comp cards, a professional portfolio, and some guts! You'll be mailing the comp card to agencies and in the mean time trying to network and get your own experience with smaller aspiring brands, stores, and trying to get some quality experience and tearsheets which can lead to more work. Think about your assets, height isn't everything but you have to see it that way and market what you've got, and have that model marketing mindset.

Here are posts from this blog on why I'm against modeling schools:


Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week Reader Special: Signed copy of Almost 5'4" for $17

Hey Girls,

Spring is in the air and it's a beautiful day in NYC!

This week I'm holding a reader special for my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" for $17.

Price includes shipping and handling in USA and personalized signed copy of Almost 5'4", and also a personalized note with my top modeling tips for self-made models of all sizes and levels (just let me know what type of level you are within your modeling pursuits, the early stage of a model’s pursuits, the growing stage of a model’s pursuits or if you've already booked work with brands and magazines and are a working model but want some tips on getting more opportunities and self-marketing. I'll share with you how to strive and get opportunities no matter where you live or your size).

To order contact me through my website

Since it's personalized, please let me know who (name) to sign the book for.

Read an excerpt of the book here and read about how I wrote it at the Apple store here.

If you'd rather read Almost 5'4" as an ebook you can find it on Amazon and and on the iBookstore too. 

This Limited Promotion starts today and ends Sunday March 18th.

Remember height isn't everything so aim high and strive on!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hand models are kind of old! Long live hand modeling until your 80!

Hey Girls,

Have you ever seen a hand model? Not their hands, their face? Most of them are older. Sometimes I feel like the youngest one at the casting. Here is an excerpt from my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model about attending a hand modeling casting, I've done hand modeling for Macy's, Bon Appetit and many others. Not all hand models are older, I mean hand models and the needed hand for print ads and commercials are all types and look all different ages but many I've run into at castings are not teens or young adults.

Sitting among the hand models at this casting, I reminded myself that many hand models are not young. I listen to the other models chat about their children, cooking and their recent bookings. A few recognized each other from other jobs. One lady was talking about having to re-order comp cards to change her last name due to her recent divorce.

Then it was my turn.

On set I hold my sign-in sheet with my name and # 12 on it, and smile.

Next I put my hands side by side in front of my face to show them off. Then show the front and back of my hands. He takes a couple shots.

The photographer pulls out a paperclip out from his pocket. I thought to myself that if I had to keep track of a paperclip, I’d probably lose it in five seconds. But of course I don’t tell him this.

Click here to read another excerpt of Short Stuff and all my books.

BTW, if you live in the NYC area and have nice hands email me some pics or your parts comp card that shows your hands and I'll consider sharing your pics with my agencies. Email:


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3 extra skills that can help an aspiring model book work

This blog is for YOU, it's free and there is ton of advice on it, things I've lived through, so search through it and I hope the articles inspire you to grab ahold of your potential and give yourself a chance with a marketing mindset and belief in yourself~IJ

Hey Girls,

Recently I read about a casting for a well known retailer looks for a spunky girl with a tone body but that wasn't it. Must be skilled with teleprompter, the casting also read. Modeling and acting couple together when it comes to booking commercial work and also print work. Print modeling involves using your personality and having an approachable and engaging persona. A girl recently wrote me telling me that her mother wants her to take acting classes since she is too short for high fashion modeling, the girl was kinda upset about this, but I told her that acting classes are actually a great thing to take, being on-camera comfortable and having the skill for reading short lines and bringing your personality to the camera is important for print modeling too.

So keep in mind, acting classes would be a benefit for an aspiring model and make you better prepared for print modeling and commercial opportunities.

Putting to use what you already are skilled at can also lead to modeling work.  Another girl wrote me that she was a good volleyball player and wanted to start modeling while in high school and she didn't know where to start. After sharing with her some tips on creating some marketable photos I also told her, well you already have the skill of volleyball why not put it towards your modeling pursuits. Why not get some professional photos of you in your fitness gear and approach a local sporting goods store and ask them about if they use models for their promotion and local advertising?  Just because you live in a smaller city doesn't mean you can't book some good local modeling work with brands based in your town or regionally.

(Remember having professional photos and the basic print modeling photos are key to booking work, sometimes when you work with an agency already they will ask you for digitals, natural shots with a digital camera to show clients the candid you, but shots like these are not acceptable when you are trying to get in the door with the agency and introducing yourself to the agency. You need professional photography. Professional photos does not mean cake on the makeup and over do the glam, it means still being natural, the real you--plus the real you IS the perfect look for print modeling anyways -think of your senior photos, smiling, personality, the real you and taken by a professional photographer. Photos are key, they represent where you are going and your professionalism. Don't think someone else will be ontop of this, it's up to YOU to manage your photography as a print model.)

So keep in mind, what you already excel at could be an asset when booking modeling work.

Being a savvy self-marketer can also lead to work. You might think the modeling agency makes it happen, but this isn't 100% so. Maybe your short, too short to work with the agencies in your town, well that doesn't mean modeling is over. You do need the right photos, a comp card and a protfolio (which will grow in time) but you also need a marketing mindset. Be clever, think broad, be bold. Who is in your circle already that might be able to help your modeling pursuits and get you some experience? Does your friend or a family member have a small company and might need a model for it? What about a new hair salon opening in your town that might need a model? Any tradeshows or craft shows coming up in your area? Start building your network and contacts. You aren't just waiting for things to happen, you're getting stuff in motion. Maybe your too short for the catwalk but who cares, those girls don't even get paid much anyways-most get nothing-and height isn't everything. Who says you gotta be a certain height to model jewelry, hats, handbags accessories?  Put your own effort into your pursuits and make something happen! If you believe in yourself go get the belief of others with your savvy marketing approach. You might not get paid the big bucks...just yet, but you will be gaining experience and remember that's the point, because your modeling pursuit is a you gotta start somewhere and you might as well make that somewhere happen for yourself.

BTW, Get 20% when you spend $50 at dEliAs's until thisThursday!


P.s: Another skill for an aspiring model to have is to have some do-it-yourself ability and know how to adjust photos in Photoshop, Paint, etc. I don't mean making the photos look airbrushed I'm talking about simply cropping the image or setting the photos to be 300 DPI, which is print size for printing professional photos, or setting the image at 72 DPI for web size, when sending new images to your agency when they ask for them or you have new shots to share with your agency.  Also/Or before your photo shoots make sure you will get the images at 300 DPI to save time.
Do you know what print modeling is?
Small town model marketing tips.
Putting that modeling comp card to use!

Sometimes things don’t always go perfect on the job, but you keep working for the best result. Having patience for myself and forging past the moments of anxiety and mistakes showed me once again that being a model takes an attitude of perseverance.
~from my book Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small which is available in print and as an e-book!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Favorite Little Thing: Alex Woo Little Luck Ladybug in Sterling Silver

Hey Girls,

This is so freaking cute! And it could bring goodluck too. Have you ever had a real lady bug land on you? I have, but having one nearby every day sounds good. Check out this cute lady bug charm and the whole collection here:

Little Things Rock!

Favorite Little Thing: Kate Spade Coin purse

This Kate Spade Hedgehod coin purse is kinda weird but also wicked cute! It's a favorite little thing!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hanes Hosiery contest going on based on rocking your favorite outfit.

Hey Girls, Btw if you love wearing tights you might be interested in this Hanes Hosiery contest going on based on rocking your favorite outfit. Weekly winners, ten in total, to receive additional Hanes Hosiery plus a $50 VISA gift card.

Stop by the Hanes Hosiery Facebook page here.


P.s: One of my fav bra's is actually a Hanes! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Remember each day what you do have

Remember each day what you do have, beauty inside and out, a heart that powers your potential, intelligence and a uniqueness, compassion, a lot to give, a lot to gain, love to share, love to receive, inner strength, a story to tell someone to help them through, gratitude for those there for you, the ability to bring positivity where ever you go no matter how high the climb, faith, belief in today and hope for tomorrow, reason not to give up, a purpose. ~Isobella Jade

Last night I attended the W GIRLS 3rd Annual Ties and Tiaras

Hey Girls,

Last night I attended the W GIRLS 3rd Annual Ties and Tiaras event which is dedicated to making prom dress dreams come true for NYC underprivileged high school girls, who cannot afford to attend their Senior Prom, by offering them everything they'll need for their special day. (Also if you have a gently used prom dress to donate you can find out more about it at their website *these are the NYC locations for drop offs:

And check out other events they have going on in all cities and how you can be a part of their great mission.

Also my bids won! I won the silent auction tickets to see Porgy and Bess! from the WGIRLS event last night. Love Broadway shows! And a bowling package :)

It was a great time!