Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All

I'm sad that we lost such a great singer recently, Whitney Houston was the voice of my generation, the emotion and truth and love she had inside could be felt from hearing her sing, and for my generation her songs were what we heard as we grew up, songs we built memories with. When I was in, I think, third grade the whole class sang the song the Greatest Love Of All, we preformed it at an assembly, songs that stay with you forever, still know the words by heart.

What I respect about Whitney Houston is that she used what she had and didn't need the extra dazzle to pull it off, she sang and let that be what made us love her, she sang songs about love, about sorrow about being a strong woman and the importance of loving yourself. She had a voice and really really used it, she could just stand there and sing and that's all that was needed to grab your attention, she didn't need to put on a show with a dance and sparkle, it was her voice pouring emotion. It was enough. I hope the aspiring singings of today turn to her music to be inspired, because although off the stage and when not in front of the microphone she may have walked a rough path she will be remembered for her voice, what she gave to the world with it, music that will live on and on and touch the hearts of us all.


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