Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Models of ALL types should have rights too not just fashion models

Hey Girls,

This is really awesome, but it might not include you...yet.

From what I understand this new Model Alliance only includes fashion models, I like what they are aiming for and have created but I just wrote to Sara Ziff telling her she needs to not forget to include commercial print models and how I'd be behind it.

Fashion models are only a small percent of the working models out there, what about commercial print models of all ages, types and sizes? I applaud their efforts and compassion with The Model Alliance but models are not just fashion models or working fashion week. They are commercial print models -modeling in everything from jewelry ads to fast food, toothpaste, technology ads, tampon ads to pregnant models, to hand models, to the older gentleman in that Advil ad, shoe models, to beauty models in cosmetic ad campaigns, to cell phone ad campaigns...they are not only in fashion, they are everywhere. So I hope Sara writes me back. :)  I'd love for them to include commercial print models too. Not just commercial print giraffe tall models at fashion agencies but print models at commercial print agencies.

Check out the alliance here and their efforts for the fashion side of modeling:


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