Wednesday, February 29, 2012

modeling workshops and summits, classes to consider

Hey Girls,

I'm not supportive of most modeling schools and be careful of these scams that so-called modeling agencies can suggest you spend thousands of dollars on, you don't have to go broke, here are some affordable quality workshops, classes and summits to consider for your modeling and also your acting pursuits: 

Online and in person summits on acting and modeling:

Coming up tomorrow is this class: Commercial Print From AtoZ (1 Day):

Thursday, March 1st from 7:00-9:30pm - $42.50

* taught by Agent Rick Miller

Sign up here:

For acting workshops:

The aspiring model should keep in mind that acting and modeling unite often and many aspiring actors get print work within commercial print modeling because print modeling involves expression, natural energy and using your personality to sell a's not just about measurements. Whenever you see a model smiling in an ad that model is a commercial print model. The commercial part of commercial print modeling implies the masses, a commercial product sold to many, compared to high end fashion which only a small percent can affford. The "commercial" element also implies personality, usually expression that is humanistic, and the product you would be modeling for would be one that most people would use and could afford and the ad would be marketed to the masses and a diverse demographic. Brands from cell phones to toothpaste to home goods, health and beauty products seen in drugstores are using print models.  Sure some commercial brands use models that are over 5'7" but not all, for modeling a commercial print product it is more about personality, and measurements aren't everything typically. So make sure your modeling photos for your comp card represent your personality and smile.

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