Thursday, February 23, 2012

Male anorexia on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams

Hey Girls,

I'm not sure if you watched the segment on male anorexia on NBC nightly news with Brian Williams last night, but it caught my eye.

We hear about it not just on the modeling landscape but in every day life, people from all over the world aim to have their bodies look a certain way and even go to extremes to get that look, and the result can be deadly as Brian Williams shared within the segment.

Girls are not the only ones that struggle with anorexia, boys do as well, and the examples for being fit, tone and having a sick-pack and being handsome and youthful are  targeted to the male consumer everywhere, there are just as many airbrushed male models on magazine covers as women these days and just as many ads with guys with their shirt off as their are with girls in bikini's. All these images can easily make the mind start to inspire feelings of self-doubt and create an obsession with body image, weight and size.

If you have a friend, male or female, who has started to doubt the way they look physically and mentions diet pills or skipping meals or become a very picky eater and is struggling with body image and their self-esteem it's a good idea to encourage them with your care to seek some help for this psychological illness because there is help out there. It is easy to ignore a friend in need because you may feel it is an uncomfortable topic, but you could save your friends life or make a big difference.

Also often I hear from aspiring models who want to lose weight, and ask me how to stay fit and I always tell them, eat well and stay active but don't over do the gym, and in print modeling it's more about your personality than how much your weigh anyways.

Foods such as pastas, fruits, veggies and protein are important to keep your energy level too. Skip the 5 hour energy drinks and focus on real foods that can give you an energy boost and make you look and feel healthy too. There are healthy ways to get fit and get tone and EAT. Being hungry doesn't just affect your body in negative ways it affects your brain function too. On the job and on the go I carry snacks with me and water or juice, being hungry or thirsty only makes me bitchy and I think clearer and feel more positive when I'm taking care of my body's needs. Here are some foods to get in your diet, they will also give you some energy too:

Ways to lose weight safely

We live in a world where faster is better, but losing weight in a healthy way is a process, it doesn't happen in a safe and healthy way by skipping meals.

Our bodies need essential nutrients and need hydration and our minds need good sleep and rest and no matter how much we weigh or our size what defines us as human beings is our heart and the ways we give the world around us our love. We are all beautiful, and beauty is something that isn't measured in numbers on a scale or how tight a person's stomach is, we are worth more than weight and measurements.


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