Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion modeling during Fashion Week, not my dream job

Hey Beautiful girls of all sizes and shapes,
So you might not have rocked the runway during Fashion Week but keep in mind those models on the runway didn't make much money, if anything at all. I understand the prestige factor to be walking for certain designers but its bullshit not to pay these models to walk in the shows. For the sake of their time, I mean not even minimum wage. Oh, that would make the designers look cheap? I know being in the show can lead to other things but still, sounds like slave labor. Not my dream job. Yeah, in case you didn't know most of these catwalk giraffes do not get paid at all for their time, and I'm sorry being paid in a dress or for the opportunity doesn't feed the model a good meal or her rent. As if the designers are too good to pay their models? Makes me feel sick. In print modeling sometimes it can feel like the job (magazine, campaign, etc) is taking advantage of how many shots they are getting verse how much I'm paid, but still I'm getting paid!

More on broke models and the not so glamorous life of a fashion model:


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